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I am a healthy active 60 yr old woman and i have been on a ketogenic diet for 2 yrs, 1 month. I did not have weight to lose. Instead, after reading Deep Nutrition, gary taube’s articles, Nina t’s book, etc., i became convinced that moving from my 50 yr Low fat, whole grains, vegetarian diet to a LCHF diet would improve my cognitive abilities, my body composition, alleviate my constant hunger and ‘hangriness’ and many other less than optimal smptoms i felt i was experiencing.

Here’s the rub and the concern id love to have this community comment on. I am experiencing heart palpitations which arose when i began the LCHF diet and have continued to today. I am taking a magnesium and potassium supplement and it seems to help some, iit alao has recked havoc with my digestive system and i have constant loose bowel movements- not good.

Has anyone experienced this and can anyone offer suggestions please? Thank you for taking the time to weigh in.


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Most definitely concur with the above people. Could be a huge wide variety of things, not necessarily a coincidence in diet. Off the scope of people on this forum, and with the original poster being female....after a long history of cardiac research being done almost exclusively on men, we are only now finding how different symptoms/physiology/pathology is in females, cardiac wise.

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Get an examination, pronto.

My journey with atrial fibrillation started with palpitations. Although my episodes started at 41, 60 is a common age for AF to first rear its ugly head. There is an established gut/afib connection.
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