Hey please can you give me advice please.


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Hey I'm 23 I haven't followed a serious workout plan in my life. I'm getting into training but have no muscle or strength to even do 15 pushups. I'm looking for a beginner bodyweight routine that can make me gain strength and set me of? What would you recommend I can't do the naked warrior to advanced for me. I want to build myself up. Any routine please I dont mind training 3x 5x a week just want to make progress. Please


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Buy Naked Warrior (if you haven't already) and read it carefully. There are several regressions in it, suited to beginners. Also, it's more about irradiation principles.

Other than that I would recommend Original Strength Reloaded, although that's probably not what you are looking for.

From what I have heard Al Kavadlos Get Strong is probably the best starting point for you. Just make sure you are using good form. Showing up consistently is more important than any particular workout or program.


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I follow Al Kavadlo for the full programme of callisthenics, but Naked Warrior is very, VERY important too - the reasons for doing them are different. Naked Warrior is for maximum strength and it is extremely time efficient! Al Kavadlo's work is for a full programme of bodyweight training, and for people who want to specialize in it.

Al Kavadlo has a book "Get Strong" which you should buy right away and start doing it. Also buy "Naked Warrior" and start working through the progressions. Naked Warrior is about mastering two very heavy no equipment callisthenics moves.

Al Kavadlo's newest book is "Next Level Strength" which uses gymnastics rings and parallettes. I have just started following this. I did the "Get Strong" programme a few years back and it is excellent.

You need to buy a chinup bar to put up in your home somewhere. If you can't do this, please let me know and I'll direct you to programmes that don't even use the bar.

In any case, and the legal stuff being that this is all dangerous stuff that can injure or kill you so you MUST get your doctor to okay it all and it's all done at your own risk taking safety precautions, I don't mind sharing with you a routine that I have done when in a similar situation to you and it worked for me:

Pushups: do them properly, all the way down and up. Do 10 sets of up to ten of them. This means that you might only be doing 5 sometimes, or 3 or whatever you can do for the set. You might start out doing 10 pushups your first set and find you can only do 2 or 3 for later sets. In any case do these 10 sets of pushups every day if you like.

Squats: again, do them properly, watch videos on how to do proper bodyweight-only squats. Again, do 10 sets of these. Again also, try for about 10 reps per set, but you might find you can do more than 10 at first and less than ten for later sets. Don't get hung up on exactly how many reps, it's more the sets that count.

This two move routine can be done every day if you like. I never did it twice a day though.

That's it! I got a lot out of these when away from my weights, and these provide the foundation needed for getting into both "Get Strong" and "Naked Warrior". What makes them work so well is doing them controlledly and with full range of motion, not rushed. The slower you do them the longer you are keeping yourself under tension which translates into better conditioning. You are more or less covering your entire body with these two exercises.

If you happen to have a chinup bar, then you can start with just trying to hold onto it with your arms straight, keeping yourself off the floor for a number of seconds. When you get good at this you can start to hold the position with your knees pulled up as high as you can get them. The knee raise hold is pretty challenging and develops a lot of core strength let alone your grip. This is a third exercise to add to the other two if you like. Aim for 3 (or more if you're enjoying it! I do!) long holds of this position.

This stuff could be done "forever" or can be added to and modified to make it more challenging if one wants to get onto more things. In any case, buy the books!

I'll also add that I do a lot of walking, which provides another kind of foundation for strength especially for the legs and the heart and lungs. I've found that three walks a week of 75 minutes is effective, but any amount of walking is good to do. Walking is excellent for baseline full body strength and wellness. Running is not necessary, not that running is bad!


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Kavadlo's work, as wisely advised by @Kozushi is excellent and very progressive.

Otherwise, people usually have good feedback about the bodyweight recommended routine, from Reddit. Here is the link where you can find it:
reddit: the front page of the internet

Otherwise, but I admit it can be more controversial: the first steps of Paul Wade's Convict Conditioning (the first book) are also quite good and progressive.

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What would you recommend I can't do the naked warrior to advanced for me.
I don’t agree. Start with regular pushups and bodyweight squats. GTG as the book suggests. Get a coach and/or post video here for feedback.



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