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Michael Corrales

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With all respect to my non-US based strength collegues, I place a STRONG vote to find a SF source for US made KB's.  I think this would be a great stance to take since most members are US based and there are several key instructors in this community consulting for US troops, special forces, and first responders.


In my professional career I buy lots of asian and european items but personally would be willing to pay a little more for US made KB's.


I've got 7 bells at home that I train with and just one us US made.  I purchased it from Anthony DiGiulio's company.  So there is an opportunity to purchase existing bells from a quality, established source.   Or maybe this is a good opportunity to find another US source and invest a little in this great country that has provided so many of us with so many opportunities.
I second this.  This is a topic very important to me.   I have some of Anthony's bells and had a bad experience with customer service and quality control.  Good bells from an American foundry, preferably a union shop, I will pay top dollar for that.   Something as simple as us buying a number of bells from such a foundry can really change lives in whatever community they come from.  We will pay for quality.  Say no to cheap imported bells, give a hard working American foundry worker the opportunity  to earn a decent living.
A couple quick google searches came up with the following choices for USA made KB's:

K2 Kettlebells as featured on Jeff Martone's site

Lifeline Kettlebells as featured at Mike Mahler's site

Punch Kettlebells as sold by Anthony DiGuilio made at Cumerberland Foundry

Rogue Fitness (they look like Punch Kettlebells...maybe the same foundary)

Punch and Rogue are indeed the same bell. Lifeline appears to be halting production of anything above a 28kg.

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"Michael, for the time being we have no plans to go into kettlebell manufacturing."
Chief-  The suggestion was for SF to consider endorsing USA made KB's.  Not for SF to manufacture USA made KB's.  Perform Better KB's are sold at the SF store.  I'm pretty sure they are made in China.  I think it would be great for the leadership at SF to consider endorsing or carrying USA made KB's for the reasons I stated in the original post.

Thanks for the consideration.
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