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This is very true. I don't always wear it for TGU's but when I do I wear it so the face is on the inside of my wrist. For swings of course it's not an issue. I don't snatch much, but I don't wear it when I do.


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I've bought and used a FitBit Charge HR in January of this year and found it to be pretty inaccurate as compared to Garmin chest-based HR (I've used Garmin GPS/HR running watches for many years). In July, I bought the Garmin 235 (which has wrist HR). I find it much more accurate than the Fitbit - but it still lacks compared to the chest strap version. Luckily the 235 supports both. So for all around daily wear - it's just the watch. For KB work, I wear the chest strap and lay/hang the watch nearby - I think it has about a 10'-15' range. I try to remember the chest strap for cardio work - but I don't worry about it because I have the wrist as backup.


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I have a wahoo tikr chest strap, and like it just fine. The associated app is making me angry, as the android version is lacking a LOT of features that are on the iphone app, and were part of the reason I purchased it. Paricularly HR alarms are things I'd like. I'd love to have an alarm when I drop below my "recovery" rate so I know to start swinging again.

I've since learned that most all sensors work with most all apps, but I'm still looking for a good app with user programable HR alerts. Any suggestions?


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Someday I'll be able to post something that isn't the "polar" opposite of what everyone else seems to be suggesting ;)

I had a Wahoo TICKR, and a Wahoo TICKR X. Fantastic HRM's. The TICKR X has additional features that really up it's ante, like internal memory that lets you use it without actually being connected to your device. I don't know how useful that is in our situations, but it was great during the training I did for my triathlon. It essentially turned my phone in a a top of the line Garmin. The TICKR's integrated with my phone seamlessly, and they were comfortable to boot. They "disappeared" after a minute of two.

So that's another option.
Got to give a +1 to TICKRS stuff. Really comfortable


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I have had Polar FT60 for several months. I think wearing for overhead kb work depends on your forearm length relative to size of the kb. I can do it if wear it so he "face" is against inner forearm/wrist but still not comfortable. What I came up with is to put belt or tie cord around my waist and hand it from there in such a way that I can easily sneak a look whenever needed. So long as it is in some specific distance from the chest strap it works just fine.


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Polar H7 chest strap and the Heart Graph app. Here in Canada the monitor was about $100 and the app $5. I tried a wrist monitor but it was too inaccurate.


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Another vote for both the Polar H7 and the Wahoo Tickr. Both work great and sync well. One of the nice things about the Wahoo is it has both bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, so it can work with pretty much any device.
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