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Kettlebell "I Achieved S & S Simple! Here's My Story"

Ryan T

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My way was is a little less conventional...

—Reading S&S 2.0 and getting my foundation and start there.
—Being at Be Well and Strong. It is the project and forum/community created by Al Ciampa which focuses on his methods of combining strength, endurance/aerobic base training, and breath work.
—Betterman Blue Print coaching program by Hector Gutierrez, Jr. Really learned how to create systems and structures to facilitate a mindset and follow through for change. Good foundation for strength and power training too.
—Swing Strong by Hector Gutierrez, Jr. I used that for the last 9 weeks to hone in and peak toward Simple. He programmed swings and GUs a little differently than what I’d seen elsewhere. The program could be called Get Up Strong…

Be Well and Strong methodology and community was the really the game changer. Interestingly enough, although I developed strength and skill with kettlebell work, the aerobic base building contributed just as much (or more) to my success. I absorbed ,my general training better and my interset recovery was much improved. Nasal breathing and calm. No need to get amped up and I really didn’t make a big deal about the attempt in my mind.

Simple was not hard but not easy. Snatch test with 24kg is harder.

Based on how I felt, I could do it any day of the week with little to no warm up. That's how it should be; it's an achievement, but not something I can barely do. I own Simple.

Happy to help anyone down this path. Reach out if you'd like.


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I achieved timed simple today!

I’m a 21 year old college student, studying to be a teacher. 6 feet tall, usually weight between 80-83 kilos consistently. I’ve always been obsessed with athletics of some sort (1,000+ point scorer in high school basketball and 455kg powerlifting total before pandemic).

I got into kettlebell training due to the pandemic and needing to find a way to train. My dad had 4 bells that he never used (20kg, 28kg, 36kg, and 48kg).

My first year of kettlebell training wasn’t smart….lessons learned, I’ve moved on.

On April 22nd, 2021, I started S&S with 28kg swings and get ups. I was ending my junior year of college, was bombarded with exams and projects and needed a program that was simple, effective, left me energy for my day and required zero thinking. S&S fit perfectly!

Slowly worked towards owning Timed 28kg, then slowly worked towards owning Timeless 36kg, and finally, after almost 7 months and many lessons learned, I’ve achieved Timed Simple (36kg).

I am in the overall best shape of my life. S&S has the perfect blend of power, explosiveness, strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, balance, mobility, flexibility, etc. I highly recommend it to everyone and have done so on many occasions.

My body has loved working on purely goblet squats, swings, and get ups, so I have no intentions of switching programs. Now, it’s time to work towards achieving the big goal, Sinister!
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