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Kettlebell "I Achieved S & S Simple! Here's My Story"

I made the Simple standard after my most recent three months on S&S. Now, on to ROP with a 20kg. I have learned patience to achieve a goal, and will take the next three months (thirteen weeks) to put on a bit of muscle and strength. Thanks to SF for concise instructions that I can follow and get great results without injury and burnout.
If you haven't already, please post a review of S&S on Thanks.

Hi all,
I've done Timed Simple and Timeless Solid within two days at the end of July after not training regularly for a few months.

I started S&S on 1st of December 2021, I hit Timeless simple on 9th of May 2022. After that, the life got the better of me and I wasn't able to keep up the "almost every day" schedule between three little kids and a job.

I bought 40 kg kettlebell and kept S&S having 0-3 sessions a week. I also did some GTG on pull ups on bar in my doorframe and dips on rings hanging from this bar. I've bought and read also Enter the Kettlebell and Naked Warrior. Both of them had many useful tips which I could apply also to my S&S trainings. The one-arm pushup tips helped me to be able to lift 40kg one-handed for TGU's for example.

When I was starting S&S I was halfway through Calimove mobility program. When I read Naked Warrior I was magically able to do pistol squat instantly (never done it before). I take it as a courtesy of the extensive mobility work done in the Calimove program. So I added pistols to my GTG routines. Currently I'm on 6 pistols per leg or single 16kg pistol per leg.

At some point I also started pressing the RoP way from time to time, at the moment I am on 5 ladders of 5 rungs with 24 and I can do a single with 32kg on each hand.

I kept adding sets of 40kg to S&S from time to time when I felt like it. One tip that helped me with increasing the TGU reps with 40kg was a tip from Andrew Huberman of cooling palms and feet between reps. I used frozen meat for that. Don't know whether that was placebo but I was able increase reps of 40kg TGU's safely. I would like to note, that I train in the kitchen with breakable floor so I don't have the option of dropping the kettlebell :)

I know that last year I was totally inconsistent but I didn't have the bandwidth to follow a program properly so I tried to stay in shape and slowly advance with my goals on several fronts, whichever training I was able to squeeze into my schedule.

Then all of a sudden at the end of July, I had the time to try S&S after not touching the kettlebells for a month or so. I thought of doing a S&S session with 32kg but it felt kind light so I switched to 40kg and did the whole thing with it and just like that my Timeless Solid was here.

The next day or the day after I had to hurry to work so I decided I'll try to test Timed Simple, and just like that, it went through. I didn't expect to make these two goals just like that in two weeks, and I was happy as hell :)

Now my oldest daughter started going to school, we moved the youngest one to kids room, so I got place for regular home office instead of working on the kitchen table each day. As the life is starting to get in order I'm thinking on taking on RoP properly as a next step.

My stats: 178cm, 78kg, working from home, sitting at desk the whole day (which is not entirely true since I bought a walking treadmill and standing desk last week - trying to hit 10k-15k steps each day now)

Thank you for being able to share my story!
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