If you did only 1 exercise and 1 stretch..

Tobias Wissmueller

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... and half pigeon (yoga).
Don’t want to turn this into a Yoga thread, but I am trying to understand the difference between the pigeon pose and the half pigeon pose. Google gives me weird info on that. @Jak Nieuwenhuis, is there a difference for you?

... and train to achieve the splits.
The pigeon pose looks like a progression towards the splits for me. Someone please correct me if I am totally wrong with this.


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Is there a difference between a stretch and an exercise if both push the edge of your ROM?

Personally I would go for

*double KB overhead squat (I'm classing this as my stretch)
*renegade rows - have a new found love for these

Sean M

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I'm digging the double C&J lately (if that counts as one exercise). For stretch, probably the pump stretch from ETK.
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