Still New to StrongFirst Forum

I live in Germany, am soon 55 yo, and work in accounting business in my own firm.

I have been one of the first kettlebell-users here in Germany from back in 2002 on. I have participated on the first European RKC in Kopenhagen/Denmark in 2006. Afterwards I drifted into GS. In 2013 I read S&S but apparently didn't grasp it, doing swings way down into glycolytic areas and therefore overtrained. After two years of various training and searching I came to strongfirst and am addicted like in the beginning of kettlebells in the western world.

Special thanks to Al Ciampa who is coaching me, because I don't want to make big mistakes again. Under his careful guidance I am slowly but surely back in "old regions", having begun swinging with 20kg and am now up to 32 to 40kg in about two months. OK, way to go!

Sir Pavel, through reading many posts of this forum I think I finally am beginning to really grasp the essence of your teachings - thank you very much! And: I'm aware that I still owe you an article of the history of German kettlebelling, about 120 to 100 years ago.

Power to you all
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