Is it common sense to change a routine, if that 6 months big routine gave you very little progress?

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That Reddit routine is oddly and perhaps not optimally engineered from most of our perspective.

We all hang out on this forum and have different things we like but we pretty much all agree that SF works. Multiple Sets of 1-5, done frequently, never to failure, 2 steps forward 1 step back...(or something similar) Heavy poundages. The 50% range. Focus on technique and staying fresh.... You've seen it here by now . Because it's strongfirst and it worked for a lot of people

You can try the methods presented here on this website (there are also many other books and programs that fit the SF philosophy available, although not so much for bodyweight) they will work for you. for sure. A good book on bodyweight training can be had for $10 or less.

Naked warrior definitely works, GTG

Tom Furman's armor of war book works (5-10 sets of 5 push, pull, squat usually hovering in the 50% range).

Aleks salkin provides mostly free material, which is bodyweight from SF perspective.

Original strength is basically bodyweight, there is a lot of overlap between SF and OS instructora

We can't aay the Reddit routine as much because most here are not interested in what its offering

Why not stick to something with very few variables at play. If you pick up a heavy stone or dumbbell and carry it for 10
minutes a day that would probably out do Reddit routine tbh. 2 Chin ups is good . 5 sets of 1 chin chin ups is better.

This isn't Reddit. It's a totally different thing here. A lot of us look out for each other, regroup, come back, keep a log, connect. not as anonymous or impersonal as Reddit,

If you at least keep a log here it might help you with not becoming as frustrated with a lack of progress.

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@Stewie, I give private music lessons for most of my living. Honestly, it would be hard for me not to laugh if someone said they'd tried to learn to play the piano from watching YouTube videos and it didn't work for them - this should be no surprise. That is actually works for some people is what I find most surprising.

Teachers teach. I teach, I get paid pretty well for what I do and I'm convinced that I'm worth it. A progression is not all that's required to make progress in strength training. You need proper technique, something we are very, very focused on here at StrongFirst. You also need guidance about having the right kind and the right amount of variability in your program, and you need to know when you should stop following your program.

If you want to get simply stronger all over, and don't suffer from exercise attention issues, buy Kettlebell Simple and Sinister, read it, and follow it. Lots of people - lots - here do exactly that, and many of them keep logs of their progress.

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