Its not about healthy food, but the right nutrition for you.


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Being new to the forum and learning from the other members experiences, I like to contribute by sharing my own significant finding in regards to nutrition last year.

I learned its not about eating healthy food alone, but eat the right food for you.

Most of my life I have struggled with various symptoms which to me became a normal part of my life and I just sucked it in. In retrospect what a waste of my life and a living hell.

For the last decade I knew something was wrong and the General Practitioners was helping me with antibiotics and antihistamines which only cured the symptoms and not the real cause.

With hints from Chinese Medicine and a more holistic approach I started my own process of finding a cure, but I utterly failed as I applied it randomly and I could not decipher the results, but I learned that there is something in the food that start the reactions.

My symptoms was (in non medical terms): foggy brain, "stains" in my vision, all kind of bowel problems, chest pain, pain in my hands, skin problems, sleeping problems, restlessness and a roller coaster ride of mental issues. These symptoms started small over decades and just got worse until my body collapsed last year and I lost 20 kg and with a non-functional digestion.

I stumbled over this wiki page and when reading the symptoms section - I was thinking "wow that's me described!".

Then I found the book Clean Program by Alejandro Junger. Read it twice and started the 21 days diet without the suggested shakes, but with some advised supplements.

Day two into the diet was a life changer for me. The fog from my brain cleared, my vision improved, especially the peripheral vision. The pain in my body drained out as a feeling of dark poison leaving my body. It was a game changer for me. I left the office and walked the park, I was so scared of loosing this feeling of clarity. Hard to admit in public, but I cried.

Now I have claimed my life back. A life with a strict diet without any types of grains (wheat, barley, rye and oat), corn (including all corn derivatives), most seeds and legumes, egg and diary products. In practical terms: no bread, pasta, beer, cheese, egg, junk food, pizza and basically processed products are forbidden. Yes, I really miss drinking beer.

A curse and a blessing for me. The curse is that I enjoy any types of food and the blessing is I eat more healthy.

Next chapter for me is to accomplish the S&S simple goal.

Advice everyone to at least once in their life to try a cleanse, it worked for me.

Power to you!


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Hi Henningb,
interesting...I am experimenting myself these days. Sounds like a mixture of clean, no gluten , no additive diet. You eliminated the things that cause allergies? You eat meat? I am a veggie so it is hard to avoid all grains, legumes...I try to reduce nuts and seeds. But where to get the calories from? Is it basically vegetables and fat? Fruits? Can you elaborate?
:) Elli


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The cleanse diet used is an elimination diet where most known products with a potential to give reactions are removed from the diet, then after 21 days you start to reintroduce products one by one in a 72 hour window.

It was only when I followed this method I was able to clearly detect allergens, without this method I ended up with false positives and it was very confusing. Typical scenario was eating eating french fries and coke. Thinking I had a problem with potatoes, but in reality it was the corn syrup in the coke that was the culprit.

Yes, I eat meat, however I considered once becoming a vegetarian. That is now practically impossible for me in terms of calories and nutrition intake as many legumes and grains are now excluded from my diet.

Sources of dense calories for me comes from carbohydrates in form of starch are just rice and tubers, and from fat from plant sources like virgin olive and coconut oils. Trying to cut out animal fat, but its hard.

The funny thing is the difference between the culinary and botanical definition of nuts. The former includes almonds and peanuts, the latter would define almonds as a seed and peanuts as a legume. I have a problem with both, but not botanically classified nuts.

Typical breakfast for me now is rice, vegetables, fruits and lettuce for carbohydrates, virgin olive oil for good fat and some fish or meat for the protein.

Search for "Clean Program Manual" and you will get a 10 page overview of the cleanse. No need to buy the shakes, just go for the clean food.

Good luck.


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Same subject but from a different perspective, your balance of good/bad bacteria in your gut. As mentioned above the shakes can be expensive for these cleansing protocols. The idea here:
Elemental Formula to give a broad base of shake style cleansing drink to provide you with nutrition but to starve the bacteria by fast acting. It looks like a sport Amino acid supp with added stuff. A cheaper diy version possibly?


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This is a candida diet right? This diet also have right/wrong possible real options, not shakes.

Best thing about real food, when diet is over you have learned what to eat.


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It's for treating bacteria overgrowth, guess you could use it for fungal infections too. Never used it myself. Don't know why but ended up listening to a podcast about gut health and the idea that to rid bacteria overgrowth you need to starve them but provide you with fast acting nutrition. There are a number of products available in the form of shakes that, according to some, are very expensive and so they've provided a base recipe and protocol for a gut cleanse. Agree with you, I don't do shakes. My idea of a shake is a glass of milk and a banana, drink, chew, drink, chew etc. I get the idea behind this though, you know, maybe, for some people. And then one cleansed it's clean food.


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Had plans to try this, but enough challenge with allergies/intolerances. No experience.

I recall the book Practical Paleo had a section on this matter. It's a beautiful book with lots of information, but a bit pricey.

Also recommend Primal Blueprint.
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