KBs and Fitbit HR?


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I am thinking of getting Fitbit HR and was wondering if anyone has used it or standard fitbit while KB training? How did it work? reviews?

I have Ader Kbs and it seems like there would be enough space between my wrist and KB to be able to wear and train with Fitbit on - ???



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I was on the pre-sale list for the ChargeHR and couldn't wait to get it around my wrist.

Kettlebell training did not work well with it. I took it off when I practiced. The heartrate readings were wildly inaccurate at elevated heart rates due to technology they use. I don't remember the particulars beyond that. Anything under 130 bmp or so was was spot on, though. The bells totally crashed into it whenever I cleaned or snatched, and they rested on it during squats, presses, or get-ups.

I wanted to use to keep score of my total kcal use throughout the day so I could maintain a deficit. I gave it about six weeks to get to know me (it's adaptive) before taking it back to REI. It was giving me readings in the 4-6000 range. I was taking in about 2200-2300 kcal. Not a pound lost.

Sorry to be a raincloud on it o_O It didn't work out for me the way I'd wanted it to.


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I use my FitBit Charge HR for everything except TGU's. The KB sits on the FitBit when doing the TGU's and that is not comfortable at all.

If you are thinking of getting the Charge for your daily activities and sleep monitoring, then go for it. If your primary reason for getting it is to use during KB training, then you might want to reconsider.

I have used mine on my ankle during TGU's and it worked well, but a pain making a rubber band strap to hold it on the ankle.


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I haven't found anything that works better than a chest strap with the Polar H7. I tried to keep an activity tracker on my wrist but if I have to worry about something breaking because a KB will land on it, then I won't be able to focus on the correct form which should be the #1 priority. I even went as far as swapping wrists for the tracker during TGUs, but it wasn't worth it.


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I haven't found anything that works better than a chest strap with the Polar H7.
+1 for high intensity exercise. I have a Wahoo TICKR, another bluetooth chest strap heart rate monitor, and it's perfect.

I was thinking about this thread when I was in church yesterday. I had trouble with anything the had the bell resting on my forearm, so TGU's, but also snatches, presses, cleans, and squats. It was about 3/4" wide, so you could take some masking tape, wrap it about an inch below the knuckles of your wrist (it slides around a tad, just like a watch), and see how much clearance you have that way. It sticks up about 1/4", so it won't be a perfect test, but it should give you an idea.


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I have a Scosche Rhythm + that sits on my forearm, just below the elbow. Much more comfortable than a chest strap, no problems when performing TGUs and transmits to my Garmin vivofit tracker or iPhone over Bluetooth. Super handy and at a very reasonable price.

Highly recommended.

Cheers, Simon.
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