Keep adding 5kg weight, perfect technique or add 2.5kg? (Faleev 5x5)


First Timer
Hello all

Have made it to 80kg squats pretty easily on the Faleev 5x5. Am now wondering whether to keep adding 5kg to the bar or slow down to 2.5 increments or even stay at 80kg and up the reps while my technique becomes smoother and more proficient. (I went up to ~ 100kg earlier this year but felt my technique became so ropey it ultimately limited my ability to progress) I'm relatively new to strength exercise and ~75kg bw 50 yrs.

Same with bench which is now at 60kg getting 5x5 ok and still progressing but wonder if I should transfer to 2.5gk increments as I can feel the improvement slowing

Or do you just deload 90% if you fail say 3 times.

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