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Hi guys.
Does anyone know if it is posible to attend to the new Kettlebell 201 online?
I know that some of Strongfirst's events (like BUILT STRONG & PLAN STRONG) are being held this way, due to the pandemic, but I'm not sure if this option is available for KB 201.

I am from Brazil, so right now I don't have the option to attend them at any of the locals they are being held.

Mark Limbaga

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Tudo Bem Pedro. It's an in person event as far I can tell.. in the meantime, have you considered working with an SFG even if it's remotely? I haven't seen the updated material yet so I am speaking here from what I have seen works pretty well. If you have enough sessions with an SFG instructor, you can be prepared to take the level 1 course within a year or so
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