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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by vlam, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. vlam

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    Hi friends, I'm curious to know what other kettlebell brands are sold outside the United States. Generally is their quality better or lesser than those kettlebells offered by Unites States companies? Thank you!
  2. Bauer

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    Hi @vlam , welcome to the forum!

    Where are you located? Over here in Germany I have had trouble finding high quality suppliers. Wolverson Fitness from the UK has high quality bells. And, fortunately for me, large handle clearance which is good for bigger hands. Kettlebellshopdenmark has good KBs too, but the handle clearance was too narrow for me.

    Other than that I would probably have to chose imports from the US such as Rogue, DD or Perform Better. Rogue seems like the best option for me and has a distribution center in Europe.

    Looking at alibaba it seems that a lot of KBs might be produced in China.
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  3. Dekapon

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    I did a quick web-search, and here in Sweden there are over 8 different brands you can buy that offers vinyl coating, powder or competition-class.
    Master Fitness, Eleiko, Nordic Strength, Gorilla Sports etc. etc.
    That's excluding the cheap china-made ones you can buy at the shopping mall.

    I only have a few light cheap ones and proper expensive ones at 32kg, 40kg, 48kg from Master Fitness that I find to be of high quality.
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  4. vlam

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    Thank you Bauer and Dekapon, I'm located in Long Island United States. It's good to hear these different companies and what those in other countries use.!
  5. captain slow

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    Rogue ship all over Europe, the same models as in the USA. If you're in the UK Wolverson Fitness have excellent options
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  6. ibonhomme

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    I have 2x16, 2x24 and 32 strengthshop kettlebell. I live in France and they come from germany. Cast Iron Kettlebells
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  7. crazycanuck

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    Here in Canada have bought some of my (older, lighter vinyl coated 8kg, 12kg x2) bells from Agatsu (Montreal based) but that was in 2006-2008 ish and they specialize last I checked in competition bells now. Have one 32 kg from a sporting goods store which is quite decent actually. Other weights 16kg x2, 20kg x1 24kg x1 are all Ader brand, but now I cannot recall if I got these online in Canada, or the States. As far as currently available here, Rouge Canada bells look alright too.
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  8. Glen

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    Rogue bells are made in China with most other companies from what I've been told by a reliable source (a equipment supplier company owner whose bells are made in the same factory)
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  9. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    Just take a look at alibaba and you will find a lot of familiar KB looks. Min. order of 1000kg though :D At least most of the time.
    Kettlebell, Kettlebell Suppliers and Manufacturers at
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  10. vlam

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    Not to go off topic but maybe helpful, has there been a discussion which kettlebell companies source from the same manufacturer and basically sell identical kettlebells with the only difference being their logo stamped on it? Thank you!
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  11. Dekapon

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    @vlam I don't think it's that easy as "this is the same one with just a different brand on it for half the price".

    Imagine you're the owner of a large factory in China that can make almost everything. A company, like Rogue, places an order for quality kettlebells, they are very precise about what they want, what materials to use, how the molds are made, the purity of the cast iron, how the sanding of the handles are done, quality control (meaning how many you have to throw away) etc.
    You make them to the best of everyone's ability and everyone is happy.

    A few months later someone else places an order for kettlebells.
    You already have the molds, even though technically Rouge owns them (it's China), and the customer wants as many as possible for the lowest price possible done quickly to save on labor cost . Out goes quality control, you use the most impure cheap iron/scrap metal you can find, the cheapest toxic plastic available for the coating, fill them up with concrete instead of cast iron and do just as many kettlebells in half the time and deliver some very shady kettlebells on time. The kettlebells get the brand "Rougee".

    Is it still a Rogue Kettlebell at half the price?
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  12. Shawn90

    Shawn90 More than 500 posts

    I prefer "Kroon"
    smooth handle, decent paint. Doesnt rust right after being exposed to rain.
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  13. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    Never heard of Kroon before :) Do you think the space between bell and handle is suited for bigger hands? The clearance looks bigger than with most cast iron bells.
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  14. Shawn90

    Shawn90 More than 500 posts

    I think so.
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  15. Jan

    Jan More than 500 posts

    I have Rogue bells, from Rogue Europe, and a few others from a few different brand. The Rogue bells are in my opinion, still the best.

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