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First post, longtime lurker:
I started S&S right after my 51st birthday in June, 3 years ago. I had never even touched a kettlebell until then. A friend loaned 3 sizes; a 16kg, 18kg, and a 32kg. I soon after purchased a 24kg. It took me approximately 7 months to reach the timed Simple standard. I purchased a 36 kg and continued using the wave method for volume. Four months later i could pass timed test using the 36kg. I then purchased a 40 kg and integrated it into my routine.

I proceeded business as usual for about another 7 months with the 40. Naturally things are going to slow down with weight increase. I was never able to do all 10 getups with the 40kg. The most I ever got was 3 per side one day and one that day i could have probably got another but I told myself that I was satisfied and would keep on with what I was doing. I did nothing but S&S for at least 1-1/2 years, except for experimenting with other skills such as windmills, various carries, clean and press, and snatches, but only in learning the new skills, never actually programming them.

So after about a year and half I started mixing in Q&D and did that for 7-8 months. Enter Geoff Neupert.

I did 16 weeks of Kettlebell Burn 2.0. Then I did the "short coarse" of STRONG using a pair of 53's. After that, since I thought I could smoke that pair of 53's in the C&P I then entered into a 12 week torture of Kettlebell Muscle. Well I got humbled real quick. I had to drop down to pair of 20kgs for KM and it still smoked me. But it got me in good shape to go hiking in Glacier NP and the Snowy Range of Wyoming.

Since getting back form vacation I have been doing STRONG again with a pair of 62s. I'm almost finished with the first segment and I will continue into the 2nd part doing the "slow and steady" coarse.

Anyway ladies and gents, that's where I am in my kettlebell journey. I'm a husband of 34 years, father of four, and (14) little people call me PawPaw.


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Congratulations on your progress! That is truly something to aspire to. Keep us updated!
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