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hi all, I'm in week 2 of mass made simple and while I'm loving the program and have definitely gained some mass already I'm struggling a bit in some areas and hoped somebody could give me their thoughts on how to proceed.
With bench press (70kg) I'm falling 2 reps short on the final set of 5 from 2-3-5, on KB press (20kg) I'm falling short by 1-2 reps on all 5's within 2-3-5 (but only on my 'less strong' side). On complex (40kg) last workout was 2 sets of 5 reps each movement. I'm fine with all except military press which had me making 2 reps first set and 1 the second set. I made rest of the reps with push press.
Would the thoughts be to stick with it and work towards the goal with these weights or consider reducing? I'm eating 3 meals plus snacks and taking at least one P&j sandwich each day. I've just started protein shake before bed. I'd estimate calorie intake to be around 3000 kcal/day, limited processed foods, etc. Admittedly my sleeping hasn't been the best, but unsure if it's bad enough to justify the failed reps. In the initial workout I established the weights to use by following what was written and didn't let my ego get in the way. I say this as I have been known to do otherwise and get a few weeks in only to find I need to scale back.
Any thoughts are much appreciated and I thank you in advance.
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