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The BBC started to run a new drama called McMafia.
Thought it worth a look and thought it to be about Scottish gangsters but it is
about a bunch of Russian gangsters. In the opening episode a Russian mobster gets
a doing at his gangster house and as an innocent protoganist of Russian heritage flees
the scene he runs past the mobster's gym with a fine selection of kettlebells on view.
The escapee picks one of them up and smashes it into the face of the pursuing thug.
I spent the rest of the episode working out if he used a 16 or 24, the global crime syndication plot passed me by. Was it good research or stereotyping, I thought and figured the dead kettlebell guy wouldn't be dead if did S&S and for such a big house, why such a tiny gym? Priorities, he should have sorted out his priorities.
In a later scene our protoganist and newbie in the world of Russian gangsterism is doing some breathing exercises in what looked like a Systema there you go. No idea if the show is any good yet but half expecting Pavel to appear any moment......


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It would appear I've been seriously under-utilizing my kettlebells. I'll have to start carrying one around in case I get jumped. Probably a 16 kilo. Big enough to do some damage, but small enough to fit in my back pocket...

There's a brilliant idea tucked in there... rucking pants. Pockets big & tough enough for a pair of 16s, with something in there to prevent them from knocking into sensitive areas.
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