MMA is alactic-aerobic exercise not glycolytic - agreement

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Al Ciampa

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Obviously and older post, and I've been linked to that several times, but just refuse to spend that much time reading it through (some of which is due to the dark background). Some comments:

- I think he may have been the first to realize, or at least state this publically, in our HITT entrenched industry
- fighting is a dynamic event; the fight is as glycolytic (or as aerobic) as whichever competitor is controlling the fight makes it
- the aerobic energy pathway is always "on", the dominance of it depends upon work intensity, and duration of effort
- yes, if glycolytic supplementation is dominant at any time, then the aerobic system is at 100%... YOUR 100%, i.e., the raw-value ceiling of your aerobic system is determined not only by aerobic training (increases its ability), but by the percentage of your glycolytic training (decreases its ability)

I don't think that there is a lot of disagreement to the above, unless one is not paying any attention... so, the big question remains: how do you effectively increase your aerobic output? And, more importantly: what is the minimum amount of glycolytic training required (in the context of the first question) for peak performance?

Practice vs. theory.

Pavel Macek

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@PackMan thank you, but actually it is @Pavel 's, @aciampa 's, et al. work - I am just executing the protocol suggested and discussed with Pavel, and it works really well. Thank you for the link.

Al, I am taking notes, as always, thank you!
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