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Kettlebell Muscle Memory?

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Keep Lifting

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Thank you for your reply.

I was the "Waterboy" of wrestling if you remember that movie with Adam Sandler.

I'm claustrophobic. Whenever I ended up on the bottom I would go bat excrement crazy and escape almost every time!

Thank God I lost the last match at County, or I would have gone to State and probably been turned into a pretzel! Lol

I have ETK, but haven't opened it. Would it be considered a good companion to S&S?
funny - S&S is kind of the updated ETK. But ETK is definitely worth reading ... it's Pavel, every page delivers something you can hang your hat - but use the S&S programming.
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S&S is different than the heart of ETK, which is the Rite of Passage. The program minimum from ETK is replaced, but the ROP is a great program. I frequently see it recommended on the forums and in articles to follow up S&S simple goals with ROP if you want to get some focused pressing strength on the solid strength foundation that S&S builds. You cannot reach the ROP goals with S&S, so S&S in that sense isn't meant to replace ETK.
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Marlon Leon

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Dear Lew,

First of all I wish you all the best on your journey.
Others have already written extensively about the exercise side of things.

For your nutrition I'd recommend (after consulting your GP) to try a two week test a la Maffetone. That means only eating meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, and nuts. After two weeks you can add in carb stuff and see how you feel. The idea, however, is to induce a real change in your eating behaviour. I believe this is key for long term success. Diets only work for so long.
Best of luck!
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Thank you Marlon.

I seem to be doing something close to Maffetone.

I downloaded an app: MyNetDiary.
Interactive food app that tracks everything and gives me über macros on all I take in.

I'm using this to change the way I eat; once.

I'm against dieting, but not against changing my diet. So I'm eating about 2700 calories a day with a basal metabolic rate of 3100 calories a day.

The food is mostly unprocessed. Fruit, nuts, veggies, oatmeal, tuna, beef, and a small amount of bread with dinner.

My body is like a drug addict going through withdrawal. Caffeine headache, fat, carb, and sugar cravings. Hopefully gone in 3 days.

My wife told me when I want to grab some junk food, grab her instead! She's not kettlebell strong, but she is a certified Zumba instructor. Haven't given up on getting her to pick up a kettlebell.

Thank you for 'weighing in'!!

Steve Freides

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Lew, I wouldn't change your diet so drastically unless you have to for medical reasons, e.g., there is no reason to cut out coffee. Sugar, yes, but whole grain carbs can stay. Hydrogenated fats should go, but natural, healthy fats should stay.



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Lew, I wouldn't change your diet so drastically unless you have to for medical reasons, e.g., there is no reason to cut out coffee. Sugar, yes, but whole grain carbs can stay. Hydrogenated fats should go, but natural, healthy fats should stay.


Thank you for your concern and advice.

I'm not a coffee drinker.
I got cured of that when there was JP5 jet fuel in our water supply on my Navy cruiser and you could see
the fuel swirling in the coffee.
The ship's medical officer said a little fuel would help clean us out!
Military wisdom: oxymoron.

I have a cold caffeine problem.
A gallon a day of Diet Coke.
I actually lost a salivary gland to it about 4 years ago.
My wife says I'm stubborn.
Since I buried Ben 5 months ago, a lot of things are changing in my life.
Caffeine's gotta go.

The rest is two fast food meals a day.
I put 'em in my food app.
~5000 calories a day in those two meals.
Fast food's gotta go.

The new way of eating (diet is a four letter word) is something I can and want to do.

One day a week is cheat day.
The same day I rest from S&S practice.

I'll let you know how it works for me in a month.

I've been meaning to check back with you.

Saturday was my first official full session with HR monitor.
Maffetone rate is 127-10 for blood thinner = 117bpm

(I had a massive bilateral pulmonary embolism 2 years ago.
Reason unknown. No markers. Complete blood test. Full body
scan for everything. Good news. Not a damn thing wrong with me
except for those pesky blood clots which almost killed me!
Doctor told my wife I'd be out 6-8 weeks.
I was back at work in 11 days.
I'm a lot tougher than I look!)

Resting HR ~83.
S&S warm-up gets me to low 120's bpm.
Rest about 2 minutes to 105bpm.
Swinging 16kg gets me to about 123bpm.
~2 min rest to 105bpm.
Then I'm swinging 10reps again to 123bpm.
After 8 sets my HR is up to about 127/128, ~2:15 to get back to 105bpm.
I can pass the talk test at ~115bpm, but I want to be strict about the program.

After reading scores of comments about HR and monitoring, I'm quite satisfied
I am solidly in the fat burn zone and only cross briefly and lightly into the
fitness zone. Right where I want to be.
Once every two weeks I'll 'test' as S&S says.

The TGU.
I can do one full rep with 10lbs each side.
Each practice I want to increase by one part of a movement towards another rep.
That's the goal, but the pace will be perceived perfection at each movement.

Practice, warm-up to finish, 31minutes; but I'm not doing all ten TGU's yet.

And is advertised, I felt recharged afterward.
I felt amazing.
So amazing I wanted to do it again when I got home.
I didn't.

Thanks for checking in!

Steve Freides

Senior Certified Instructor
Elite Certified Instructor
Soda is poison. If you do nothing but cut that out entirely, you'll improve your health significantly.

Learn to cook. If you cook one day a week - Sundays are good - you can have leftovers for much of the rest of the week. Grill burgers from grass-fed beef, grill veggies along with them, and you can still be eating those on Wednesday or Thursday if you keep them in the 'frig. Buy containers that seal tightly and help you keep leftovers.

If you buy prepared food at Whole Foods or similar, you can eat tasty things that are healthy with very little effort on your part, but you'll spend money instead.

Best of luck to you, sir.

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One day a week is cheat day.

Ideally you should make that: One meal a week is a cheat meal.

You can undo a lot of hard work by allowing yourself an entire day to consume what you want.

Like others have said, eliminating sugar, soda and processed foods, cooking good meals from scratch using fresh ingredients and consuming healthy, natural fats (olive oil, butter, coconut oil, animal fats) to make you feel satiated is what you need.


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The cheat meal is the goal.

The cheat day is the step to get there.

Good advice!


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Lew, welcome to StrongFirst!

I'd look into your diet, and suggest recording everything you eat as a first step. There are online ways to do this or you can use old-fashioned pencil and paper.

A getup for someone your weight is lot of exercise even without a weight. I would consider working only on parts of the getup, and not using any additional weight until you can get 5 reps each side, then build from there by doing more of each getup. E.g., just come up to your elbow to start, and when you can do 5 of those, starting moving up to your hand, and so on.

I don't think a 10 lb. kettlebell is going to do much for you - I'd go for a 16 kg for your swings.

Most Important: I would find yourself a local SFG or work with one of us over Skype. If you want to do it right, there's no better way than getting guidance that's specific to you from a certified instructor.



Thank you very much for suggesting I start with a 16kg bell for swings.
When I first picked it up I thought, "there's no freakin' way!"
Now I swing it easily enough after two weeks that I am able to concentrate on my form.

I now understand why this isn't a workout, it's 'practice'.
Someone at work noticed a slight change in me (after only two weeks) and asked me what I was doing.
I told them I am a kettlebell practitioner. :)

Going to visit the SFG in my area in about a month.

Need to save some $$.
6 children.
And most of them seem to have more disposable income than I do! :eek:

Will Moore

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Your evening Farmer's Walk brought to mind Dan John's Lifetime Warrior Workout. A search for "Lifetime Warrior Workout" will return a PDF as well as some articles. The thought occurred that walking with one side loaded and switching half way through might offer some benefit. As a follow-on, a search for "Dan John Farmer" will bring some more info to the table.

Live well!
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