Naked warrior and stretching.


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Hello strongfirst. I have just finished reading the Naked Warrior and have seen some of your videos about stretching. Do you have any recommendations of how to safely incorporate gtg and stretching. I am 40 years old and I am 6'2" 220 pounds . I am really interested in ease into the stretch mixed with gtg. Thanks in advance for your help.


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On amazon, the DVD is sold directly DragonDoor under third party vendors for 1/3 of what they sell it on their website at. The DVD really helped me. In fact, I don't even own the book. I checked it out at a library, and once you've read it a few times, the DVD alone is all you need. I wish they'd release a $6 kindle version like they have for many of Pavel's other DD books.

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Becoming a Supple Leopard is purpose built to assist anyone from the deconditioned to the elite athlete. FWIW, the Second Edition has some additional information and is formatted to more user friendly. I own both editions and have gifted several. I have found the text, actually both, helpful and some of the best money I have spent in my life. For transparency sake, it is on my bucket list to get to one of the MWod seminars, so some may considered me a bit biased.

Here is a link:

You might seek out Travis Jewett for more information. He does not seem to be a member here but he did author an article for the blog. His contact information can be found within the following StrongFirst blog article.

Here is the link: The Turkish Get-Up — A Clinician’s Perspective | StrongFirst

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