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Hi im 26 year old male looking for help ano you guys probably get this alot on here but I’ve always been unhappy with my body being so skinny kept saying I would start exercise but never did that’s been through depression etc i feel my head is clear now and being off the alcohol is the best thing I’ve ever done and now looking to get a build on me and chase goals I’ve had the steroids thought looked online etc wouldn’t even know where to start to be honest and have a quick snap so looking for best products to get me started shakes etc I’m just old skool working out at home with weights thanks


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I actually have a poster with dumbbell workouts was just planning to try them out to be honest my intrests are mostly outdoor stuff like camping fishing etc and im willing to do the daily sessions and prepared for diet meal plan

Anna C

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im willing to do the daily sessions and prepared for diet meal plan
Alright, so it has a program and a meal plan? You could follow that and see how it goes. Are you wanting other options or advice? You've come to a good place, but StrongFirst has particular strength training methods and plans with kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight strength as the main types, so our advice tends to be around these types of training.

Benjamin Renaud

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If bodyweight training is of interest to you, you can have a look at the articles I linked in a previous post. They summarise the Strong First way of doing bodyweight and would be a good place to start for you to get acquainted with SF principles. You could probably combine that with dumbbells or whatever weights you have.

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