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As much as I respect science I understand its limitations, especially in the field of exercise science. I think sometimes anecdotal evidence should be examined along with scientific studies to get the complete picture.

The following "study" was so informal that it is basically anecdotal, but some very interesting results. Gains in power and muscle, with a decrease in fat, just by doing swings. There is no question that swings are valuable.


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Swings are hard to categorize.  They are typically done for power or for intervals.  They can also resemble breathing squats or be done for endurance.  They just can't be done slow, which is why we need deadlifts.  Maybe it would help to always describe them... power swings, death swings, interval swings, light swings?  Such a versatile exercise is wide open for programming.  Does this make sense?  My B.S. stands for BroScience.


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The initial position of this thread was that a 32Kg KB swing is no better than a jump squat.  Taking the ground force generated as an isolated measure that may be the case.  But isolated measures tend to not stack up so well in the real world.  I've been able to maintain a daily average of 200 32Kg kb swings over several months (250 - 300 5 days week).  The carry over to sport and life has been amazing.  Even on lower volumes I can maintain a 190% bodyweight deadlift - no great shakes I know, but that's without and deadlifting.  I wouldn't be able to say the same for jump squats.  In fact after a week of jump squats at that kind of volume I'd need a wheelchair and knee replacement surgery.  The swing gives benefits to the whole of the posterior chain, arms, neck and upper core, massive core / abs benefits compared to jump squats.  Jump squats benefits probably stop at the ribcage. Just my take on it.  32Kg KBs have a certain gravitas about them too.  They're not for sissies, any dork on the street could do a jump squat (maybe that's a positive for jump squats though - a good open exercise anyone can start with?)
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