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Kettlebell New training tortures

Don Fairbanks

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First of all…what?! Is that a real thing?!

100% agree with this! Putting the ego in check to actually accomplish what one says they want to accomplish is one of the hardest things to do. Some times what you “want” to do interferes with what you need to do to actually do what you actually want to do…if that makes any sense!
Yes, Barbarian Workout is a real thing, distance and weights as posted.

And performed once a week.
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Is this really a thing?
It sounds kind of peaceful. What benefits have you seen from this @WhatWouldHulkDo?
Just because I suggest it, doesn't mean I can actually do it! I certainly don't have that kind of mental control.

I do believe that learning how to "go blank" is great for any sort of athletic competition, including martial arts. But I can't say I've practiced it outside of competitions.

Pete L

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Darkness therapy is definitely a thing. Sometimes for a week at a time or so with zero light. People seem to claim great experiences from it.
I've got a friend who raves about sensory deprivation tanks. Not my cup of tea. I think I'd end up singing songs to keep myself sane.


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I've got a friend who raves about sensory deprivation tanks. Not my cup of tea. I think I'd end up singing songs to keep myself sane.
Yeah to each their own :)

Not to derail too far from training challenges, but philosophically speaking, one of the hardest things to do for most people is to be completely alone with themselves. I think that’s why sensory deprivation/ float tanks and things like darkness therapy work. They sort of force you to deal with any deep seated issues that you tend to ignore day to day.

Kenny Croxdale

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...hard stuff out there to develop mental and physical toughness (20 rep squats, clean and jerk/snatch until dead).

20 Rep Squats and Clean and Jerk/Snatches

Learning to grid out movement like that will increase mental and physical toughness.

However, it come at the expense of..

1) Developing Poor Technique

Any movement that is pushed to exhaustion, failure or near failure develops poor technique.

2) Increase Risk of Injury

High repetition movement, in a muscle fatigued state, produce injuries.

Machine Based Exercise for High Repetition Training

One of the positive aspect of pushing a Machine Exercise to near complete exhaustion is the it designates a certain paths. It either eliminates or drastically minimize any type of poor technique; such as, the Leg Press, Bench Press, Back Supported Row, etc

For individual with no access to Exercise Machines, who have a Power Rack, there is...

Scrape The Rack Exercise

Essentially, Scrape The Rack Exercise turn a Power Rack into a Smith Machine.

High Intensity Training Frequency

High Intensity Training Session need to be trained infrequency; since they take so much out of you.

"Wound Healing"

This means the more physically and mentally you beat yourself up, the longer it take to recovery.

Happy Gilmore

This method work about as well as Mega Squat and Clean and Jerks/Snatches until your dead for developing mental and physical toughness.
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