Not Throwing Away Food (And A Recipe of Sorts ...)

Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by Steve Freides, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Steve Freides

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    Perhaps because my parents were just the right age to vividly remember growing up in the Great Depression, it _really_ bothers me to throw away food. So, here's what I had for dinner last night:

    1. Leftover little hot dogs (weiners) wrapped in pastry (called "pigs-in-a-blanket" here). First served on New Year's Eve.

    2. Leftover mini-quiches, also a week old.

    Those were my motivation. Here's my "recipe"

    Slice up a large onion. Put it, with the oil of your choosing plus several cloves of garlic, into a frying or other pan. Let the onions cook for a while. I used a mix of olive and coconut oils.

    Add in some frozen veggies - we had peas, so a handful of those. Skip if you don't have.

    Optional: Add some Worchestershire or similar (soy, tamari, etc.) sauce to give some color and flavor to the onions.

    Optional: Add a little fish sauce.

    Add in the leftovers, which you chopped into bite-sized pieces. Cook some more, until everything is hot.

    Season to taste. In my case, that meant adding a lot of sea salt, some freshly-ground black pepper, a little red pepper flakes, a lot of dried oregano, and some Nam Jim Kai, which is a Thai sweet chili sauce.

    Serve on a plate or in a bowl. I prefer the bowl because things stay warmer longer that way.

    Optional: Add grated cheese on top as soon as you plate, and it should melt. Stir it in if you like.

    My concoction served one, me, because we didn't have a ton of leftovers.

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  2. TravisS

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    I love making a mishmash of stuff that cleans out the fridge... we are lucky and our neighbors don't eat left-overs even remaining meals from expensive restaurants so they bring their left-overs to us! I'm not ashamed! A free meal is a free meal.
  3. rkoo

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    In Sweden we call those mixed leftovers on frying pan for "pyttipanna". Usually whatever meat, sausages, onion, veggies you find and some potato pieces. Served with a fast fried egg and some canned beetroot.
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  4. North Coast Miller

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    Probably half of my take to work lunches are what I call "hog plates". A collection of leftovers and scraps that individually don't make a serving. Usually look like something you'd toss in a trough but to me = a fairly balanced meal and less waste.
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  5. Tarzan

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    I think it's a throwback from our predominantly English heritage in Oz but we call stuff like "bubble and squeak"

    Most of the time any leftovers are fried up with mashed potato and whatever is left over & it normally bubbles up a squeaks while it's being cooked.

    I didn't mind it every now and then when I was a kid but we don't have many leftovers these days. We regulate our food shopping I tend to eat everything that's leftover & the mutt gets anything that's left.

    He's ( the mutt) on the warrior diet and only eats at night, so he stays lean and eats like a king if there are leftovers but that doesn't happen much, I normally eat most of it.
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  6. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    steve, i admire your fruagality

    however, I am a bit gun shy with stuff like this due to many experiences drinking bad milk

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