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    Hey, folks!

    I've recently joined a parkour gym and am looking to significantly increase my power in order to translate into greater leaping ability.

    I'm not a naturally explosive athlete, with my current vertical hovering somewhere between 22-24 inches. Ideally, I'd like to eventually hit 30 or above, but we'll see whether or not the genetic ceiling dashes that hope.

    If I'm already practicing heavy GtG block pulls for absolute strength (heavy, low reps, lots of rest between sets), but would practicing overspeed eccentrics snatches with a light KB for power be appropriate, or should that wait for a different periodization cycle? I have the same question about power cleans with a barbell too.
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    Strength: The Foundation of Power and Speed

    Increasing Limit Strength (1 Repetition Max) is the foundation on which Power and Speed are built. The stronger you are the more force you can produce.

    As Pavel states in...

    The Case for Grease-the-Groove Jump Training | StrongFirst

    "But before you jump, remember that you must be strong first."

    Grease The Groove

    This is essentially technique training for a specific movement. The use of load of 85% plus of your 1 Repetition Max are used for sets of 1 - 2 repetition with rest period between sets that allow for complete recovery.

    Training a movement in this way closely replicates competition or in this case the skill of the movement in a 1 Repetition Max.

    While some strength is maintained and gained with technique training, the optimal method for increasing Limit Strength are...

    Auxiliary Exercise

    These exercise need to be similar in nature to the skilled movement you want to improve.

    To increase strength, these movement need to at some point be pushed to the limit in a training cycle; going to failure or near failure.

    Strength Training For Jumping

    Auxiliary exercise like...

    1) Quad Dominate Exercises: Back Squat, Front Squat, Zercher Squat, Belt Squats, or Step Ups, Leg Pressing, etc.

    2) Posterior Chain Exercises: Deadlifts, Good Mornings, Back Raises, Cable Pull Through, etc.

    Overspeed Eccentrics

    These movements increase the Stretch Reflex, which increase power output.

    The use of a Light Kettlebell Snatch develops Speed. This will definitely help.

    The development of Power require a much heavier load.

    Power Training Movements

    1) Heavy Kettlebell Swings: Research by Dr Bret Contreras has demonstrated that Power is best developed in a Kettlebell Swing with loads of 50% to 100% of your body weight.

    Thus, if you weight 180 lbs, Power is best developed with Kettlebell Swings between 90 to 180 lbs.

    A home made Hungarian Core Blaster can be used for heavy Kettlebell Swings. The cost is to make it is about $20.00 plus some weight plates.

    Al Caimpa, Poster Child

    Al's Kettlebell Swing with the 92 kg/202 lbs demonstrates a lot of power .

    Olympic Movements

    Olympic movement have some of, if the not, the highest Power Outputs on record.

    Power is best developed in Olympic Movements with load of 70 - 80% of your 1 Repetition Max.

    Trap Bar Jump Squats

    Research has demonstrated that Trap Bar Jump Squat produce Power Output that rivals Olympic Movements, which makes sense.

    A Trap Bar Jump Squat is essentially an Olympic High Pull.

    Dumbbell Jump Squat can be substituted, if needed.

    Your Call

    Like driving home from work, there are a multitude of ways to get there.

    However, I am a proponent of...

    Conjugate Training

    Training different types of Strength in the same training cycle such as: Limit Strength, Power and Hypertrophy.

    Kenny Croxdale
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