OWF Eleiko Email International Lifters Weightlifting Tournament


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I heard about this through British Weightlifting via their newsletter and thought I'd share:

http://www.oceaniaweightlifting.com...g Tournament.pdf?ver=mxLm4mtu8tPGAa7vyNf6-g==

Essentially, in an effort to make up for a number of cancelled competitions, the Oceania Weightlifting Federation are putting on a weightlifting competition that you can enter via email. Competitors will weigh-in on their bathroom scales and then submit their best snatch and clean & jerk from their home/garage gym etc.

I'm not sure how exactly they'll be verifying any of the lifts entered, presumably it's on the honour system. I'm sure that any hitherto unknown lifter who shows up out of nowhere with winning standard lifts is sure to be investigated. There's a prize of an Eleiko weightlifting training bar with collars available to the winner in each weight category as well so if you feel you're in with a chance of putting up some decent numbers it'd be worth a punt.

For lifters like me who have virtually zero chance of winning, it presents an opportunity to have something to work towards. I'm going to enter just for the fun of it and just to see if I can match or improve on previous competition performances from the comfort of my living room.
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