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Hunter, the 70% is based on a 1RM. Although, if somebody can't be bothered with crunching numbers, then just base the training weight on something that they would use for GTG with and progress from there.
Yes I think 7 days is a must, and you were quite conservative starting with the 16kg based on a 28kg 1RM. Im torn between your method or slowly introducing the next bell and Iron Tamers method of introducing doubles, which would increase volume steadily. A lot of food for thought.

Thanks again.

^ Sam, both should work--you'll see both methods in Hepburn's programs, actually. Introducing the next bell will result in a faster progression than switching to doubles (then maybe triples) before moving up in weight and going back to singles. It depends on whether you think the faster progression will be sustainable for you or not.
I guess I am still not entirely convinced that a static 63 reps per week is enough volume to make continued gains with the one-arm military press. Introducing doubles, and maybe even triples would take the weekly volume from 63 > 70 > 82 > 91 > 103 etc each week.

My target is the 40kg. It comes down to whether or not I believe I can work enough volume with the 28kg to achieve that, or if progressing to the 32kg is needed.

Love your blog by the way Aris. Keep those posts coming! :)
It's going to depend a lot on what bells you have access to. If you have a 24, 32 and 40 then you probably can't stick with singles, but if you have 28, 32 and 36 then you can make much smaller jumps.
Andy's right on with that assessment, I hadn't thought of that.

Though of course, if you have a 5lb plate or a few ankle weights to hang off the horns, those are very good for bridging the gap between bell sizes.

Sam, I have no doubt that more volume will probably be better for pressing. Something you could also do, if you were inclined to stick with the singles, would be keeping that 'static' volume of 63 reps/week and introducing TGUs, push press, overhead carry, floor press etc. with the next bell size up. That way, the singles for pressing would provide a baseline of moderate volume practice, and you could add heavier, more varied work on top of that.

And thanks! I've been busy but will try to post more regularly when I have the time.
I have 24,28,32, 36,40,44.... No problems there guys! :)

That is a good point Aris, as it allows a little flexibility and potential to work on weaknesses in my press aswell. I think the best option is to simply start with the standard  template, using the 28kg with 2 minute rest breaks, and see how my body responds. Evaluate and modify from there.

You have  all been most helpful. I will update in a 2-3 weeks with progress.

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