Physical Therapist Recommendations-Houston, TX


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I'm looking for a good physical therapist for my dad. He has several back issues and maybe having surgery in the near future. He hasn't had any luck finding a good physical therapist that he likes. Do you know of any good ones to try in the Houston, TX area (Cypress, TX to be specific).

Thanks in advance!!!!


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Thanks @Steve Freides . I've contacted SF and FMS certified people in both my and the Houston area and still haven't been able to get any names/recommendations .


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@maurice197 Look up “Clinical Athlete Providers”. From there you should see at least one or two are close to that area. These guys have solid lifting knowledge and are generally very evidenced-based. They work with a wide range of people, not just athletes too. Good luck!

Will Moore

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Consider Dr. Arnold at the Airrosti Practice on Washington Ave, in the Heights. Visits are scheduled through Airrosti’s website or by calling the number listed.

Matt has worked on both me and my wife with good success. Some work was a result of an injury due to a rear end collision that totaled our car. While the rest was working past some restriction or to resolve some injury.

Matt is good people and I consider him a friend.


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Did you find anyone? Just curious. I live nearby and while I thankfully don't need this now, it would be good to know.
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