Plate bear hug


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So I have been recently struggling to find a good gyn in my area. I am making do with what is provided in the condo gym.

For the past couple of weeks i have been doing bear hug plate carries and squats. They are my new favorote form of torture. I find them especailly testing and wondered if anyone else had experimented with the exercise.

As an aside i am on the verge of giving up on my search for a gym and buying a 32kg and working with that.


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I havent done them much but thanks for the reminder :) As I dont have sandbags they seem to be a great alternative!

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Was just having a conversation today about how comprehensive bearhug lifts can be.

One I have experimented with is bearhug into a GoodMorning, come back up and drop into a front squat, repeat.

Hugging the weight works anterior due to clamping effort, posterior due to pulling it tight to the trunk, mix with your favorite hinge and/or squat and you've got a relatively complete though somewhat unpleasant workout.

I haven't done any with plates though, I'll stick with my sandbags :)
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