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Browsing through the Olympic Weightlifting subreddit, I found this rather amusing compilation of Olympic and three time world champion lifter Shi Zhiyong lifting incredible weights (certainly for a man his size - he's 73kg/160lb) while screaming at the top of his lungs:

I don't know how he's able to make so much noise while generating so much power. I'm wondering if it's even necessary or merely showmanship, although it's not as though he needs to make what he's doing look more difficult than it already is.


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I'm wondering if it's even necessary or merely showmanship

"...grunting during exercise and sports, because it gives athletes an emotional boost. In fact, if grunting is done right, it helps athletes focus on an explosive effort, like lifting heavy weights or hitting a baseball."

"During Experiment 1, the scientists had 20 MMA athletes kick a 100-pound heavy bag both while grunting and staying silent. It turns out, the athletes were able to generate significantly more g-force while kicking with a grunt than without. They generated a mean 24.2 g-forces when grunting compared to a mean 22 g-forces without, which works out to a 9-percent increase in force.
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