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I'm starting PTTP for the winter season. This is my first time on this program, and first time seriously training with a barbell. I'm starting at 85lbs for the bench press and 115lbs for the deadlift. These are weights I am more than comfortable lifting for 10 reps.
My goal is to reach the standard of 2xbodyweight for the deadlift and 1.5xbodyweight for the benchpress.
I'm 29. 5'7. 175lbs. I have had an FMS and been coached by a SFG in the past. have worked a bit with a 32kg kettlebell and I'm very comfortable with a 24kg. I'm in the construction trade, but at management level so rarely do I do anything physically strenuous at work. I completed a Goruck Challenge two weeks ago and I'm DONE with conditioning for while :] I wanna lift heavy and go home all winter long.
What should be my expectation to achieve this? Can I expect to get to these numbers by early next year, 350lb deadlift and 265lb benchpress? I plan on using a linear cycle. Interested in hearing from those with experience.


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What is your current 1RM or estimated 1RM for each lift?

The first time through PTTP is exciting. I suggest following the program verbatim until you plateau or burnout then report back.

Good luck


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No idea what my 1RM is. Never tried.

I am excited to get rolling. I will definitely follow the program as written
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