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Bodyweight Pull up progression

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I ask myself a little question about my progress in pull-ups. It took me 3 months and 10 days to go from 18 to 20. But only 4 weeks to go from 10 to 14 in weight (10kg). I used a lot of GtG, FFP. Despite that I gained considerable ease on the 2 types of pull-ups (BW and weighted). Maybe calculating my max cold is not a good idea.

So I'm wondering if this progression is normal, because it feels slow to me, but maybe everyone goes through it, I don't know.

I will now focus my work on ladders and why not in a month or 2 redo a bit of GtG.
Generally speaking, the more advanced you get, the more difficult it gets to progress, so I would say its not uncommon. This is because your volume/tonnage gets so high the more you progress, and it gets harder to fully recover from.
It sounds like you could benefit from two things:
  1. Adding in advanced progressions of pull-ups. Typewriter and archer pull-ups can address imbalances you have between each side and assist with activating certain muscles. Another variation you can include is the arched-back pull-up instead of the tactical pull-up.
  2. Adding in supplemental exercises to address any weaknesses. Simple exercises to add are things like bodyweight rows for some of the horizontal pulling muslces and scapular (or archer scapular) raises.
Calimove has a decent video on it -
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