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Bodyweight Pull ups and chest training


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Back to the world of chest activation:

Table 1. Average EMG and RPE for Each Exercise
Compared to the Barbell Bench Press
ExerciseAverage EMG RPE
Barbell Bench Press1006.5 ± 1.98
Pec Deck Machine98 ± 26.45.4 ± 2.13
Bent-Forward Cable Crossovers93 ± 22.05.1 ± 1.60
Chest Press Machine79 ± 22.4*4.3 ± 2.30*
Inclined Dumbbell Flys 69 ± 30.5*5.0 ± 1.50
Dips 69 ± 15.8*2.9 ± 2.06*
Suspended Push-ups63 ± 18.5*3.6 ± 2.22*
Stability Ball Push-ups61 ± 20.7* 2.3 ± 1.72*
Standard Push-ups61 ± 20.6*1.5 ± 1.15*

What's the number behind +-? STD?


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So in conclusion, chin ups will build your chest, because you will have a strong shelf to horizontal press off.


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Hip thrust will build your chest also if you put it that way...or leg press...or leg extension...or calf raise...jump rope...jumping jack...kicking soccer ball...
Yeah my comment is kinda stupid, just want to stress out that someone is still need to put hard work to push up, dips or bench press to build strength for the chest muscle..pull up and row variations would build foundation for the pressing muscles express their strength, but we cannot keep increase bench press by doing more pull up/row...we actually need to do more bench if the goal is horizontal pressing strength
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