Question about Low Back

Grant Taylor

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I recently listened to Pavel’s JRE interview, and had a question. Pavel says there is “no effective way to train the lower back” with bodyweight movements. I wonder about moves like back levers, planches, or other posterior chain movements. Are these movements not good enough for the lower back, or are they too advanced to be effective for most people? Not trying to argue, just intellectually curious!


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you can train the muscles in the posterior chain with bodyweight exercise, but training movement (hip hinge) and training muscle are two different things. personally i success in holding back lever and planche, and i don't feel that much affect to my strength. Swing, double snatch or relative heavy deadlift are necessary to me.


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Me personally I do not feel that any bodyweight movement is great at training and developing the lower back.

I 100% agree with Pavel that the lower back needs to be training heavy or explosively. I personally would recommend both.

There is definite advantages to mixing training modalities to get the benefit that each one yields. As opposed to limiting yourself to just a few or even worse...1.
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