Question about Step-Around Variation of TGU


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I'm currently working on S and S, and have been doing TGU's for a few years. Twice over the past few months I've mildly sprained my right knee during a TGU. The sprain seems to always initiate with the windshield wiper (although I tend to feel it the most on the descent from the standing lunge). When I say mildly, I can complete the workout with body weight get-ups, but can't do them loaded without that nasty pulling sensation.

I'm considering trying a variation of the TGU that I've seen on video that omits the windshield wiper and instead adds a step-around at that point of the TGU. What I'm wondering about is if the step-around is as stable of a transition as the windshield wiper? Put another way, has anyone tried this and found any loss of structure or stability during that step-around movement?

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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Mark Limbaga

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I've seen others do it during their test submission for Sinister.

Give it a try and see if it feels right for you.

I personally use a half step over-half wiper most of the time


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Thank you for the replies so far!
I prefer to pivot back into an overhead squat.
This question and similar come up from time to time, try a few variations and see how it feels.

North Coast Miller, I'm having trouble visualizing what you described as a pivot back into an overhead squat, is there a video resource for me to view this?


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Oh, I like the kneel to squat variation. Not tried that one and will add to my variations of a theme day.
I do a straight to deep squat thing but that looks a nice option.
Thank you.
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