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Questions about drop sets?


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I have a question for anyone who implements drop sets in their training: the first, is how do you program them? Do you do one or multiple standard sets, then a drop set on the last set, or do you do multiple drop sets per exercise? Also, how often do you implement drop sets per mesocycle, microcycle, etc.?

Thanks in advance for any of your input,

I only do them on the last set.

The except is BFR protocols, where I'll do them for each set.

They're so torturous, I don't program them, just do them from time to time when I'm feeling particularly fresh and also in masochistic mood to crush myself.

I do them a lot more often in hotel gyms.
I am doing 5/3/1. After the plus set I strip off 10-20lbs and do a set of 3-5, then strip off another 10-20lbs and do a set of 5-8.
They usually match up with the weights leading up to the top set.
So a recent press day looked like this
165x5 (3+ set)

They get dropped during meet prep. Otherwise they are rotated every 6-12 weeks with up sets. (where after 165 I'd pick a single or triple and do that instead of the drop sets depending on how the weight felt.)
Just mechanical drop sets on my chest expander.

Underhand vertical pull-aparts until near-failure, then overhand vertical pull-aparts

Got that from an Alex Leonidas video. His focus is on hypertrophy/bodybuilding.
Last set only, and only following a heavy set upfront, 2-5 reps or so. Follow with 2 drop sets, no rest aside from what is needed to adjust the load. Personally I only use them with ascending curve exercises: rows, chins etc where there is no real lockout.

Exercises where there is a lockout I believe it is better to use Rest/Pause with a 4-8 repmax load and 20 second rest between.

For dedicated hypertrophy blocks I use them 2 weeks on, one week off.
I've used mechanical drop sets for one arm push up training. Started with archer press ups, then feet elevated and then normal. Rep count was the same for all with up to 10 seconds rest between each one, usually while just changing position..... Did a couple of rounds and found it great for capacity and strength increase.
I am doing 5/3/1. After the plus set I strip off 10-20lbs and do a set of 3-5, then strip off another 10-20lbs and do a set of 5-8.
Yeah I would do something similar with 5/3/1. Usually, I'd drop it down to 70% and rep out 8-10. Rack it for 20 sec. Try to get half the reps again. Never really pushed this, just wanted to get some work at a good working weight. Sometimes I might use this to really increase my reps at a milestone, like a plate or a half plate.

Weirdly, trying to increase my reps on this weight seemed to bring about some nice increases.

*can't remember what this technique is called
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