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What are your thoughts on running a 4 lift Reload cycle, with just heavy and light days, and utilizing Q&D as the specialized variety portion of the program?



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Well, QnD obviously isn't SV, so you are simply planning on doing QnD alongside Reload but without the SV option. And the QnD books says that you should be fresh when doing the workout. So it probably isn't a good idea to do QnD after a barbell session.

That being said: QnD is said to be a minimalist program that allows you to pursue other goals and SV is optional on the Reload program. So as long as you get enough rest and don't do too much too soon you can probably do them alongside each other.

If you want a more detailed answer (ideally from someone more experienced) you should probably give some more info. Age, lifts, current training, what you actually intend to do (there are several options in Reload on how to set up your program).

I do a 1 on/1 off Reload program without the SV option (but with row or chin ups every workout) and jump rope training on off days for conditioning and I definitely need my rest to recover. I think I could adapt to something like QnD if I drop the jump rope training. But I would only do it twice a week so I can get at least 1 full day of rest.


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I'd be interested in thoughts/experiences here too.

I've been thinking of doing a reload cycle with DL/(Front) SQ/BP, and two days of Q&D snatches. I'd do the prescribed Reload heavy and light days for both squat and bench, but would drop the light DL day due to the 2x weekly snatch sessions. I may cap the Q&D sessions at 2-3 series per day. My goal for the 8 week cycle would be to progress in the powerlifts (especially bench press), but I enjoy Q&D and would like to keep it as part of my overall programming for fun and to maintain general health/conditioning benefits. I also saw Pavel mention that 1x weekly Q&D is enough to maintain for awhile, so could see cutting back to one session a week if recovery is an issue.


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Agreed it was a poorly worded question and Q&D certainly is not SV. Should have stated in place of.

I am making good progress on my current program. However, a Reload strength cycle has piqued my interest and I was curious if anyone has mixed Reload with Q&D or A+A.
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