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  1. Epictetus

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    Hello Everybody,

    What do you do when you have tons of energy and will to exercise but you've already done all of your planned days. For example, I'm on the rite of passage and have already knocked out my 3 pressing days and my 2 variety days. I really want to exercise right now but I don't want to violate the program.

    Maybe I'm just too excited.

    Any advice or tips?

    Thank You, Epictetus
  2. pet'

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    It can be plenty of things, but most of the time, easy active recovery (walk, easy jumping rope, swim, etc...) and breathing (Wim Hof) with cold showers.

    Kind regards,

  3. Carl in Dover

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    That's where more fun begins!
    1. Trail running.
    2. Take the bicycle out for a few miles.
    3. Hiking/Rucking
    4. Learn new "tricks", rings, yoga, rowing .

    The list goes on......for me it's a cycling trip for 35+ miles tomorrow.

    Carl in Dover
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  4. offwidth

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    @Epictetus ...
    I guess it depends a bit on what your overall long term training goals are.
    Good advice given thus far. There is nothing wrong with just plain downtime either...
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  5. Phil12

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    I alternate running and lifting so that I don't have to take days off unless I absolutely need to. This necessitates a well balanced training plan, of course. Certainly walking or rucking will likely be a fine addition to ETK.
  6. Oscar

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    I would identify activities that dont overlap with your training and dont take much recovery resources. For instance, I would avoid doing tons of push ups during ROP.

    You could do cardio at very slow pace. Or you could try to achieve the splits. Stretching with a specific goal is a good alternative in your case I think.
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  7. ShawnM

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    I will usually go for one or two long walks when amped and need to burn off the extra energy. Trails are great for seeing new things and the scenery usually brings me down a notch or two. Walking my neighborhood is great as well. I'm burning some calories while getting rid of the amped feeling without taking away from recovery.
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  8. North Coast Miller

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    Clean the house!
  9. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Dir. of Community Engagement Senior Instructor

    Follow the program.

    Did you pick your weight in accordance with the program's guidelines?

    More variety is OK, more strenuous exercise is not.

    Feeling like you have a lot of energy is OK. Let us know when how energetic you feel as the volume ramps up and up.

  10. Epictetus

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    It hit me hard this past heavy day.
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  11. rkoo

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    Getups. Feels like a few getups on rest day never interfere with any program.
  12. mikhael

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  13. Marc

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    If you feel energetic and you progress with your training you are in the optimal position. This is the gold standard.

    If you feel energetic and don't progress, add some volume and/or intensity. If you feel beat up and don't progress anymore take recovery measurements.

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