S&S attempt #4

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  1. seward

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    PTTP #30
    • press 85x5, 75x5
    • back squat 135x5, 120x5
    • curl 65x4, 55x5
    had the idea that some kind of compression might be a good idea for my knees, especially this time of year (33 degrees F in my garage today). Don't have any knee sleeves but do have some compression tights I use for sports, gave them a shot, and the squats felt really solid. Probably time to invest in knee sleeves.

    I'd like to find my 5RM on the squat soon, so for the next few sessions I'm planning 10# increases to get in that range sooner. May just take a session and find the 5RM, depending on how things are progressing.
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  2. seward

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    PTTP #31
    • press 90x4, 80x5
    • back squat 145x5, 130x5
    • curl 65x4, 55x5
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  3. seward

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    PTTP #32
    • press 95x3, 85x5. Done with this cycle. Will switch to floor presses.
    • back squat 155x5, 140x5
    • curl 60x5, 55x5. misloaded the bar 5# lighter than intended, oh well.
    Forgot to do any goblet squats beforehand, and felt some strain on the kneecap. Felt fine after squatting.
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  4. seward

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    PTTP #33
    • floor press 115x5, 105x5.
    • back squat 165x5, 150x5
    • curl 65x5, 55x5. finally got that 5th rep at 65#.
    Remembered to do goblets beforehand. For some reason I was inspired to go heavier than I had been (44# vs. 20#). Those felt fine at the time, then the knee was a bit off just moving the plates and bar around. Felt OK on the squats, so I dunno. Still fighting off a lingering cold, I should probably take a few easier days / days off & reassess. Also curious to see how the knee sleeves I ordered affect things once they get here.

    Knee issues notwithstanding, it's nice to be creeping back to squats that used to feel heavy when I was training them regularly. Never tried squatting more than 185#, though I did get I think 17 reps at that weight following Dan John's MMS program.
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    before I got onto this run of PTTP, I'd been trying to do a run at S&S.

    Well, I've received my copy of S&S 2.0, and identified a bunch of things that probably had been holding me back in previous attempts. Spending a month without going heavier that 16kg never occurred to me, for one thing.

    So I'm curious if the 2.0 revisions will allow me to be successful with S&S. Tried my first practice session yesterday. 16kg two handed swings, with attention to detail and max power production, felt more useful than I would have thought. And working through the first few parts of the TGU unloaded, again focusing on all the details, was surprisingly tiring.

    Will do some more practice sessions, re learning the movements, and will evaluate whether this is the direction I want to steer things.
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    Have been sticking with the S&S practice sessions, aiming to easy my way into it without aggravating any lingering issues. A few twinges from the usual knee & shoulder, but less each session. Did a few H2H swing sets today, and 3 full TGUs with the 16kg, so as long as I don't hit any delayed problems, should be in position to start mixing in some one arm swings soon.
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    OK, have been practicing the swing & TGU pretty consistently, and they're feeling good. Straight sets of 10 1 hand swings are feeling easier than the H2H, frankly. About ready to fire up 10x10 / 5x1.
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    S&S #1&2

    Had a few days off over thanksgiving, figured I'd dive right into a full S&S session, one arm swings and everything.
    Turned out to be too much for my shoulder. Made it through the 3rd set of one arm swings on the left and decided to switch back to 2 hand. Got through all the TGUs, remembering halfway through that crushing the grip seems to help stabilize the shoulder. The shoulder was sore the rest of that night, better the next day. So I figured I'd give a session with just 2 hand swings a try. Got 6 sets in, wasn't feeling great, and pulled the plug.

    Planning to take a day or two off, see if I can pull off a session with just 2 hand swings, and then ease into the 1 hand swings. At least I know from all the practice sessions that I should be able to handle this kind of workload with a more gradual approach.
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