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Stefan Veltri

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A couple weeks while doings 2H swings per Q&D I had a pretty scary issue arise. I am not quite sure what happed, I'm thinking that a mental lapse in focus caused me to let my form slip a little and I had a really funny feeling in my back. I was swinging a 32kg bell on the way up when it happened. I safely parked the bell immediately and went to my knees. The next couple hours were pretty interesting; starting with my wife having to help me get dressed and pretty significant pain throughout my back. I went the chiro that night and had substantial instant reduction in pain and was able to get around OK over the next couple days. This all happened three+ weeks ago and the only diagnoses that I received was a possibly "joint sprain" in my back. I was really enjoying the new programming and was ok taking time off to heal, but I've got to get back to some kind of training. Anyone else deal with back issues from swinging and how were you able to rehab it? Thanks.


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Does it still hurt? Does it hurt during any daily activities? Or only training?

Most of the people here will advise you to get further opinions from specialists, sports oriented ideally.

This article from Barbell Medicine might give you some guidance and hope:

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Hi @Stefan Veltri I haven't seriously injured my low back, but I did dislocate my shoulder doing Get Ups (freak accident, and my fault) so my advice is more general.
1: do midsection work, McGills big 3 is probably the best starting point considering he is a back pain expert, but hollow position rocks, HS planks or rollouts could all work. this almost never a bad thing.

now some options
Find a coach who has had experience with back pain or a medical professional who's familiar with resistance exercise. If thats not a good option for you find exercises that don't hurt. maybe its a good time to work on pull-ups, those hurt? maybe single leg deadlifts don't irritate your back. carefully experiment with lighter loads. using myself as an example I did belt squats, Banded Good-mornings and hollow rocks for 3-4weeks. then discovered dips of all things didn't bother my shoulder. good luck!

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I'll second @Molson's perspective. Probably you just strained it, and probably you'll be fine soon. Keep moving, and train if you can (lighter until you're feeling good again) but don't push into pain. You've already seen a medical person so stay within their guidance.

Perhaps the weight is too heavy, or the volume is more than you're prepared for? Did you follow the guidance in the book for load selection?

Keeping the bell handle high as it comes through the legs, abs braced, maintaining tension, and good power breathing are your best "back savers" in the swing.


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One more cent from me. Our bodies choose various ways to tell us that they are getting overloaded. But tweaks happen for a reason.

Stefan Veltri

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Thank you all for the responses! It doesn't still "hurt", but I'm also not 100%. I tried some light KB (16kg) deads yesterday, no real pain just sensitivity. I did kinda laugh this weekend when getting a massage, the lady knew about my back and spent most of her time working on it. When she started to work on other areas she snickered and said "you seem very built from here to here, maybe you should branch out a little". Here to here was from the back of my knees to my lower back. I think for the time being I'll work on my core strength; I haven't for a while thinking that swings were enough. I kinda wonder if I haven't developed an imbalance from front to back. I'm also thinking I need to work on flexibility some. Its nice to be able to discuss this stuff with others, I can get stuck in my own head pretty easily. Thank you all.
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