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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by SuperGirevik, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. SuperGirevik

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    Hello StrongFirst community!

    I just wanted to get some input on my current training program. As a little background, I'm 40 years old, currently weigh around 210lbs at 6' tall. I started doing Simple & Sinister daily back in June 2018 (weighing 228lbs) and I reached the simple goal recently (on my 60th day of training). When I feel very tired, I just turn my workout into a lighter workout. Usually my S&S workout revolves around using the 32kg (I don't have a 40kg yet) and sometimes a 24kg on light days or if I wanted to mix it up (ex. sets of 20 swings per arm).

    Recently I've implemented the below program and I wanted to get your thoughts. Since my training is daily, my concern is that I might not be leaving "something in the tank" for the next day... even though my ego says I can handle it :rolleyes:

    Program (S&S daily):
    • Monday: 32kg Kettlebell Press - 5 sets of 3-5 reps per arm (strength training)
    • Tuesday: 16kg Kettlebell Snatches - 50 per arm in 5min (endurance training)
    • Wednesday: Double 16kg Kettlebell Clean & Jerk - Just starting, so I'm just practicing.
    • Thursday: BW Chin-Ups - 5-10 sets of 3-8 reps (strength training)
    • Friday: BW Push-Ups - 100 in the fastest time possible... recent best, 10:30min (endurance training)
    • Saturday: Nothing additional, maybe some Windmills
    • Sunday: Nothing additional
    Just to emphasize, S&S takes priority and it is always done first, usually when I wake up in the morning.

    Basically I'd like to continue to lose weight, train with kettlebells and calisthenics. I'd appreciate anything suggestions.
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  2. Bro Mo

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    Two thoughts come to mind
    Something in the tank for what?
    You're accomplishing this objective.
  3. Kozushi

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    Your stuff looks great. I add things onto S&S too.

    My first comment is that you can go further with your strength. S&S covers several qualities at once, in essence ALL athletic qualities - balance, alertness, strength, cardio, mobility, flexibility, aggression! What I have done is to focus in my supplemental exercises on certain of these aspects more particularly. I'm deadlifting 360lbs now - started at 300lbs since S&S gave me the required base strength of 300lbs deadlifting from the virtual weight of the swings. I press the 32kg bell like you do and sometimes even the 40kg one. I do ring dips for strength-balance I'll call it - kind of unnecessary if one is doing TGUs but they're a bit different and fun!!!

    My second comment is BUY THE 40KG BELL!!! Doing the TGUs with the 40kg bell grants a LOT more strength than the 32 in my experience. I don't think much of TGUs with the 32 any more - of course they're still good, but not enough of a challenge for me! When I do the TGUs with the 40, I don't feel like I need any other supplemental pushing exercises!!!
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  4. Bauer

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    @Kozushi : Did you jump straight from 32 to 40kg with the TGU?
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  5. Kyle Kowalczuk

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    Looks pretty good. What is your goal? I can see done tweaks that could be made whether you want strength or some other accolade
  6. SuperGirevik

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    For the next workout on the following day.
  7. SuperGirevik

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    It's funny you mention that because I was thinking about adding them to my workout. In fact, last week I did 225lb 5x5 but I felt I was going to over due it.

    It is definitely on my shopping list. Just waiting for Kettlebell Kings to have another sale.... the 40kg is $$$ :eek: What I'm doing now is making my 32kg TGUs harder by reducing the time between sets and eventually doing multiple TGUs per arm. Maybe I could even add sets...
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  8. SuperGirevik

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    My initial goal was to reach 210lb with strength gains. Just as a FYI, a group of us set a challenge to meet certain goals by September 4, 2018. I was 228lbs at the time and hadn't lifted weights in years. So I set the goal of hitting 210lbs with muscle/strength gains. I'm currently floating around 210lbs. My strength and body composition has improved.

    I currently own 2x16kg, 1x24kg and 1x32kg competition bells. At work we built a pull-up bar, so I have access to that daily. I don't have any barbell weights (my bro does and I could try to go to his place 1-2x per week).

    I'm not trying to bulk up. I just want to be lean and strong. Time is also a factor (I have a wife and a 4yr daughter) and S&S fits my schedule perfectly.
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  9. Bro Mo

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    Factoring in these considerations, if it were me, and it has been, I liked this:

    Goblet Squats

    Training (Alternate between A and B)
    Session A:
    S&S (Still do the non-stop swings once every few weeks)​
    Session B: practice circuits of
    1+1 TGU
    2+2 Clean & Press
    3+3 Snatch
    4+4 Clean & Jerk
    5+5 Swing ​
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  10. SuperGirevik

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    Session B sounds quite interesting. Thanks (y)
  11. sizzlefuzz

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    I like it, if I were you I would pick a day per week and not do the swings and do front squats (would require an additional 24kg bell) instead.

    Additionally, I wouldn't be so married to such a strict daily grind. You might want to experiment with training on alternating days (when my S&S got to working with 32kg+ I found that to be very helpful) and doing something like going for a walk on the "in between" days.
  12. Kozushi

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    Yes. I just one day felt it was time and just switched over more or less permanently. I agree with the book that you should use the heaviest weight possible for the TGU to get maximum benefit, since it is a limit strength activity. Swings are certainly strength builders but are also cardio/power enhancers and so can be done at sub maximal weight and yet be as good or better than less energetic heavier swings.
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