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I am considering a skierg for the house but have limited experience with one. I seem to only see them used for intervals but would like to know if anyone uses them for long steady state sessions a few times per week.

We've had an elliptical for a long time but its starting to get worn out. I feel like a treadmill is a waste when I can just open the front door - same with a bike. I've considered a rower too but my butt always goes numb after a while.


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To be clear up front, I have never even seen one in person, much less used one.

However I have both an indoor bike trainer and a concept2 rower, and have had to rely extensively on a treadmill also, and they all share one issue... indoor LSS is about the most numbingly boring thing you can do no matter what form it takes.
I could only ever suffer through it either by having a very specific goal (ironman race for me) or doing short brutal interval sessions that are over in a short time.
That is probably the reason also why you only see intervals on a SkiErg...

seriously, I’d rather be watertortuted for weeks on end than go through another 3 hours indoor LSS bike session at whatever percent FTP is prescribed for the day

Find and try one before you buy, you might actually like it, but it is very likely the same as a treadmill, you either have specific goal to achieve or are better of spending the time outdoors

YMMV of course


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I’ve got a Concept2 rower and both the device and the company are top notch. That being said, if I’m doing long slow distance, it is super boring. With the rower at least I can watch Netflix (not ideal but 10k meters is a long trip at sub MAF). I’m not sure you if you could do that on the ski erg. Just something to think about.

Jason Kavanagh

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I would say a skierg is one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment in the gym.
I use it pretty much every day with clients and find it integrates really well with kettlebell exercises.
If I personally had to choose between a ski and a rower, I would pick the skierg

Joe Fraser

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I've never seen anyone do more than a minute on the skierg. I can't imagine doing long and steady training with it. If I could endure it I think it would kill any back work afterwards and potentially cause an overuse injury cause it is so isolated instead of full body focused.

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To follow up on this, a new gym I have access to has skiergs! I love it, it works for low intensity steady state very well. It works very well for doing fartleks and I know from previous experience that they also do intervals very well. It seems very antagonistic of swings and snatches. It also seems to be somewhat antagonistic to running. When I finish moving, it will be the piece of cardio equipment I purchase.

Steve W.

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One thing that no one has mentioned yet is the Versa-Climber...
$$$$$ compared to the SkiErg (and the SkiErg is not inexpensive). If I had the money and space for it, the SkiErg is definitely something I would buy.

Meanwhile, for indoor steady state low intensity cardio, I use a NordicTrack cross country skier. It has a nice natural gait pattern that uses the upper and lower body, I can use it while watching TV, it folds up conveniently when I need it out of the way, and mine cost $39 on Craigslist.
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