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About six weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to spend an hour on Skype with @Steve Freides learning bits and pieces of his approach to stretching and flexibility. I have to tell you, it wasn't what I was expecting, and by the end of the hour, I felt like I'd been through a work-out. :D

I don't want to give details of his approach away simply out of respect for him and his intellectual property. But we started off slowly, going over some basic stretches, before moving onto the real meat of his approach.

Steve is a great teacher. One of the, I think, natural concerns we have the first time we work with someone is whether or not we'll be comfortable, "good enough," etc. I mean, what if the expert finds out we're not perfect?! The whole point of learning, though, is that we're not perfect, and if we were, we wouldn't need the lesson. Steve was great and put me immediately at ease.

During the session we did a lot of work on two main stretches to help open up the whole hip and thigh area, especially the hamstrings. I've played with a few approaches this year, and the two movements he taught me have been the most effective yet.

So, while I can't say much about what his method was, or what the movements are, as long as we have a new forum dedicated to flexibility and body-work, if this is something you'd like to improve in or learn about, think seriously about doing a session or two with Steve. It's one of the best things I've done for my training all year!
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@JamesO, please email or PM me with a more detailed progress report, and thank you very much for saying such nice things!

@Pavel Macek, it was my pleasure to teach along side you a few days ago, and I hope we get to do it again in the future. That you made my wife and I feel like royalty while we were in your city was an added bonus to a trip that would have been wonderful even without that.



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I had my second session with Coach Steve last week. Again, it was fantastic. This time I came armed with my notebook and the expectation that I'd be getting a little sweaty. Steve reviewed what we'd learned last time, and as he watched me move, he got a little more specific and chose a few new things to work on to help me improve. Now I have a few new building blocks to use, along with a goal that's between where I am now and the end goal.

If you're interested in improving some of those little chinks and nags we all have, send Steve a message :)
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