Sleepy time


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For those that have access to the BBC.....BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Professor Russell Foster, professor of circadian neuroscience
Professor Russel Foster...a circadian rhythm neuroscientist. This is the guy along with his team discovered mammalian non retinal photo sensitive ganglion actual real game changer in neuroscience and understanding of circadian rhythms and human biology. That is, not a netflix game changer but an advancement in science.
This is not an internet guru sleep guy who knows a guy who sticks stuff up his nose and elsewhere for better sleep because some guy said so after being advised by a tech bloke s*** faced on magic mushrooms. No.
It's about his life, his musical tastes etc but talks of the importance of sleep for health, his research and how the current understanding of circadian rhythms and our sleep should be more important.
If interested....and if diet, in terms of obesity and diabetes, is of particular interest....then you should.
If your concerned about 400 grams of carbs or a paltry strawberry for a daily dose of diabetes you may want to think about getting an early night....and think again, after a good kip. Sleep is the game changer but no one said it would be easy.
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