Steel Mace - Routines?

Discussion in 'Other' started by Kyrinov, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Hey folks,

    Had my cousin up to the North for a weekend of training and hunting, and he brought a new toy the concept of which I was familiar with but had never gotten my hands on - a steel mace. It was an Xtreme Monkey 10 lber and I basically couldn't put it down all weekend. Ordered myself one right away as I've been looking more and more for something more dynamic to play with. I've spent the summer doing a lot of dynamic bodywork in the vein of Ido Portal and his ilk, just lots of monkeying around, handstands etc and I was a bit sad that my truncated winter training style (we are already buried in snow here) would largely forgo such complexity as I return to my borscht-and-radishes training of KB programming (largely S&S) in my somewhat cramped living room. I've been working with bells for about four years now so I think it's time to allow a little variety.
    Anyway long story short looking for some good resources. All I can find so far is typical fitness-industry stuff where you're doing ten different exercises every day and new programming every week. Looking for something straightforward and progressive in the vein of Strongfirst programming. Anyone have anything or even just some guidelines? I've got a few ideas percolating but never mind standing on the shoulders of a giant or even someone of abnormally good stature. Much appreciated.

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    I think it was @Steve W. who said that he uses steel mace swings for A+A work. Could be something you could look into.
    Otherwise there's nothing really around. Like you I searched the net after I got mine and couldn't find anything else than the "random act of variety"-type routines you mentioned.
    At least for 360s and 10-to-2s I feel you could use the same parameters like you'd use for KB swings.

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