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Other/Mixed Stretching - Before, After...or Never? : 55 Min Phys

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)

Kenny Croxdale

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Stretching - Before, After...or Never? : 55 Min Phys

Cliff Notes Of Video

Below are the Cliff Notes on the video with more information.

Dynamic Stretch

1) Pro

Increase Nerve, Muscle and Connective Tissue
(Better Performance)

2) Con

Won't Improve ROM/Mobility

Static Stretch

1) Pro

Improves ROM/Mobility
(Acute and Chronic)

2) Con

Fatigue (Dissipates Kinetic Energy) from Nerves, Muscle Spindles, Muscle and Connective Tissue. (Worse Performance)


Muscle Spindles

Sensory Organs sense Muscle Stretch.

When Muscle is Stretch, Muscle Spindles tell the Muscles to Contract Back.

Magnitude of Contraction Back is dependent on Hard and Quickly it is Stretched.

Golgi Tendon Organ, GTO

Senses Tension and tells the Muscles to stop contracting.

GTO causes Muscle Relaxation; shuts down Contraction.

Kenny's Side Note

Think of the GTO as a Circuit Breaker at your house.

It detects when too much current is coming it than it can handle.

When that occurs, the Circuit Breaker is tripped, turing off the electricity so you don't burn down you house.

The GTO functions the same way. If it preceives too more tension is being placed on the tendons than it can handle, it shut down the Muscle Contraction. It is a build in safety mechanism.

Rewiring You Circuit

Let's say your circuit is 15 amp and the device you have requires 20 amps. You can rewire the circuit to handle 20 amps.

The GTO can be "Rewired" to handle more tension, by gradually increasing the weight in a movement.

PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) Stretching

1) Reciprocal Inhibition

Flex Quads Hard = More Hamstring Range of Motion because Muscle Spindles in the Hamstring Turn Off.

2) Autogenic Inhibition

Stretch Hamstring hard, relax and then stretch farther (PNF).because GTO kicks in and further inhibits Muscle Spindles Hamstrings.
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