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Jason thanks,  though to be honest they look like every other generic kettlebell-shaped object.


I'd rather pay the extra for a DD bell and know I'm getting the absolute best available (best available in Aus that is).


Maybe one day someone will import these PB bells and we might have a decent alternative.
Yes, lets hope thats the case. ive ordered a 32 from that websitr ill let you know when i get it to comment on the quality and usability
We have a large assortment of both DD and Aussie Strength. For the most part, the AS bells aren't that far off from the DD bells, but AS service is beyond appalling. We ordered and paid for KB's before X-mas, and are still awaiting the last KB's. Got most of them about 6-8 weeks after ordering (supposed to be 2wks), and the 20kgs's still aren't here.

I just got a quote from a local foundry to build KB's. Expensive but not quite as bad as I would have guessed. The worst part is the patent making. If we had enough demand the cost could get covered and it may well be worth it to have local, Aussie made KB's. I would deal directly with the foundry. Nice guys.

Jason, I have your shirt. email me at
I bought my AS bells through a local crossfit who ordered them by the pallet to save shipping. Still took months to get them though.

The texture on my AS bells is horrible. I've only had 16kgs though so it didn't really matter but I wouldn't want that finish on my heavier bells.


Anyone in Australia, particularly you guys over east, keep an eye out on Gumtree as they do pop up on there reasonably often ...not so much here in Perth.
Ironically, our 20kg 'bells showed up yesterday... finally! This lot is pretty decent. There's one we need to send back, as it has a serious flaw in the handle. The other 9 were ok.

Finish on some of the 'bells is very good, terrible on others. KB weight is real consistent though. Its really a crapshoot I think as to whether you'll get a really good one or not. We bought a lot, and they aren't consistent. The service and the guy's attitude about his terrible service is what will prevent us from ever buying again. He lied, ignored, and was completely unapologetic about our experience. Dead to us here in Brisbane. We can't get DD 'bells here even if we wanted to pay the extremely high price, so back to the drawing board.

I'll check Gumtree once in a while, thx.
Funny I bought my two AS 16kg bells about 8 months apart, and they were both absolutely identical in terms of finish texture and mold markings etc


I bought my DD bells from DD Australia. The bells are more expensive but the shipping cost is less than the others so the total cost is still less!!


I've noticed there is a SF kettlebell workshop in Perth next month! I had no idea but very likely wont be able to afford to go though I am wondering where they will get their kbs to use for the workshop from.
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