TGU with raised heel lifting shoes

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by KIWI5, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. KIWI5

    KIWI5 Triple-Digit Post Count

    My right leg had a full knee reconstruction and there is still a rod in fibula after a motorcycle accident years ago. I have less than optimal right ankle mobilty as well. My lifting shoes help out hugely when i i tried a TGU with them The lunge has always been painful on my right knee, but with the raised heel I feel much better. I will keep experimenting, but if the shoes allow me to progress faster than fantastic! Anyone else ever try the TGU with lifting shoes?
  2. Bill Been

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    I have not done GetUps with lifting shoes on, but I want to encourage you to do so if it makes them easier, less painful, or more enjoyable for you.
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  3. Marc

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    I always train barefoot or in deadlift slippers so I cannot comment from personal experience.
    But if it helps you to execute TGU then I would highly encoutage you to use them!
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  4. Kettlebelephant

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    I have a couple of times and it felt kinda weird, but if you feel good keep going with the raised heel.
  5. Oscar

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    I suffered from patellar tendinopathy on both legs. Since many studies relate this injury with reduced ankle dorsiflexion, I've been working on gaining back a good dorsiflexion on both legs, and I've been using the bodyweight squat to measure progress.

    I don't know how bad was your injury and how limited your mobility is. If I were you, I would do the TGU with high heels but try to progress to barefoot. Limited ankle mobility can create a lot of issues in other joints.

    Just my .02 from 10 years of struggling with an annoying injury.
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  6. KIWI5

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    I've just performed 5 TGU's with a light 6kg KB to test the lifting shoe theory and....the improvement in control and power is significant. I'd say, as a percentage, approx. 20% improvement. I feel like I 'own' the movement, instead of being overly focused on my knee(s) when descending. I will continue to do barefoot TGU's as part of warmups and I will weave them into my working weight sets, but these shoes are a bona fide 'game changer'. My right ankle dorsiflexion/plantarflexion is limited to the extent that sitting back on my heels is only possible for up to 30 seconds, but I will continue work on this. Swings and deadlifts are still done barefoot, but for anyone with knee issues- GET SOME LIFTING SHOES.
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  7. Brett Jones

    Brett Jones Director of Education, Chief of SFG Staff Member Master Instructor

    Agree that if they make the GU better and eliminate the pain then yes
    You can also stop at half kneeling and go back down
    Address the ankle restriction - if you cannot on your own then get some assistance from a Therapist that can look at the ankle and perform some joint mobs
  8. Steve Freides

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    @KIWI5, have you tried any footwear between barefoot and lifting shoes, e.g., a "barefoot", minimalist type shoe, or a Converse Allstar?

  9. KIWI5

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    Thanks Brett- I'm going to try my own ankle mobility drills- but I will most likely visit a physio as well. Steve- I've got a pair of Converse Chucks', but I find the toe box area too narrow and they feel a bit 'clumsy' for TGU's- the Inov8 Fastlifts have a much roomier toe box and have a front sole area that has the bare minimum of rubber. I could only go up to the kneeling...but while I can still stand up with no pain I will persevere! Any suggestions on other minimalist shoes with a roomy toe box?
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  10. Coyote

    Coyote Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    Carson footwear, vivo barefoot, zero shoes and Altra all are flat with a wide toe box. These are mainly running shoes, but are minimalistic shoes.

  11. Run GMD

    Run GMD Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    When I cannot lift barefoot, the Merrell Vapor Glove is my go to shoe. I find the toe box roomy, yet the shoe low, minimal, and responsive - perfect for my S&S recharges.

    As an ultramarathoner who runs in Altras I'd recommend caution with Altras for S&S. While the toe box is roomy and the zero drop design is good, the stack height is generally not minimal. You can have a zero drop shoe that still places your foot on top of a good bit of material.
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  12. Geoff Chafe

    Geoff Chafe Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum

    I like doing Get Ups in my Adipower Weightlifting shoes.
  13. KIWI5

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    I did 5 TGU's barefoot with a 16kg KB and while the astonishing beauty and power I displayed was awesome to right knee is sore now- patella tendonitis type pain. I will try kineisio tape tomorrow and assess whether there is any benefit. This means shaving my knee. Life is tough.
  14. Brett Jones

    Brett Jones Director of Education, Chief of SFG Staff Member Master Instructor

    if it is causing a negative reaction don't push on it.
    Either use shoes or stop at half kneeling and go back down while addressing the ankles

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  15. KIWI5

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    Thanks Brett- I am hoping that by increasing strength and mobility the pain will diminish- then again, I've been dealing with the intermittent pain for 30 odd years so I've become almost used to it!
  16. KIWI5

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    Instead of only going half way up I have realized that there is more than one way to return to ground. So I will find a path that takes me back to the ground with minimum pain while still retaining the essential 'full body tension'...I can already visualize a squatting movement instead of a lunge....
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  17. Michael Perry

    Michael Perry SFG, SFB Certified Instructor

    +1 to Merrell for minimalist shoe w toe room.

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