The story behind your "handle"....


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Just for fun informal sharing here if you care to....for those of us who have usernames that are not our own real names, what's the story or reasoning behind it? There are some really creative looking ones I see on here!

Mine...well, I am a proud Canadian, "Canuck" being a traditional nickname. As far as crazy, it depends on who you ask lol!


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Mine is from my original Gripboard nickname (bencrush) back in 2000 when I started grip training. I later developed a pretty strong grip so it stuck in my work arena too.


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My real first name is Chris, the 'Davis jr.' part is an homage to Sammy Davis jr.

At university, everyone started writing their names on their dorm room doors, I (always the contrarian) wrote 'Sammy Davis jr.' on mine as I wasn't that keen on everyone knowing my name and I thought it was funny at the time. This was about 13/14 years ago, before this guy appeared on the scene.

Now that I find myself explaining it, it sounds rather daft.


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Wes is my name, Pom is the first three letters of my rather long last name, and I was always #9 in sports when I could get the number. In honour of Ted Williams, probably the best hitter of all time and the last guy to hit .400 in the MLB


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Friends are always suprised about the things I can remember and talk about my "elephant memory". I get a lot of presents and stuff that are elephant themed.
Besides that elephants are gentle, big and strong.
So I started to adopt the elephant thing :)
Kettlebell + elephant = Kettlebelephant, that's it.
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