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Dominic Matteo

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Looking for opinions and thoughts on this.  As an RKC our current cert transfers however, does it still make sense to go through the SFG L1 cert anyway or just wait for the L2?  Personally I will probably do the L1 just for the experience of it.
Dominic, we'd love for you to come through the Level I, but it's not necessary. We will set up the Level II shortly and the schedule will be updated. Please take a look at the requirements for the Level II as it stands right now. I am confident that although challenging, these standards are attainable.
Dominic- I don't know the schedule yet, but if you and I both wind up at the SFG in March, you will have been at my last DD and first FF event.
Thanks Mark,

The L2 information looks pretty much the same as the RKC l2 requirements as I last read them and I agree, very attainable yet challenging....perfect.  I will probably do the L1 just because at my RKC we did not cover double bells...I prepped and trained for doubles but the requirement was changed shortly before I attended so I feel like I need to "earn my stripes" there.  So I guess it is more of a matter of pride.

Tamer - Looking forward to it!
I'm new to the Kettlebell instructor world having attended the San Diego RKC this summer and just passed my pull-up test to finalize my certification. I'm looking forward to transferring my cert over here to StrongFirst and becoming involved with this seemingly awesome organization/community. I look forward to the day that I can qualify for the level 2 cert. I have never considered myself very strong and have never truly worked at it but in the last year at the young age of 44  I've re-dedicated myself  to being a better example to my little boy and the high schoolers I teach and coach. I've  had many certifications over the years  from many different organizations but none that required me to practice what I preach. That is what I found so attractive  about the RKC and now StrengthFirst. I greatly appreciate the fact that not only do instructors need to know how to perform but also teach as part of the cert. if money were no object I would definitely sign up to do the Level 1 even though my cert will transfer as I would enjoy being taught  the double bell  movements.  The requirements for level 2 are tough but as I have found out in the last year going after tough attainable goals and meeting them is a great feeling. Thank you all for setting the standard and raising the bar in the strength and fitness world. I look forward to learning from all of you and being an active member of this community.
I agree Dom.  I trained with doubles in prep for our RKC.  I feel we would be missing something if we just went to the LII cert and did not attain the LI first, even though we are given the option to move forward.  I'm with you, I will be looking to attend the LI cert first.
I know the L2 scheduling is still in the works, but do you think there will be an L2 offered before September when my L1 2 years are up?
Can I still sign up for a level 2 if my level 1 cert is "past due"?

I recert'd my level 1 as an assistant in 2009.  I was planning on a level 2 last year but had to back out for personal reasons.  It is purely a financially driven decision for me otherwise I would re-attend SF level 1 every year just cause I enjoy this so much.

Like many a L2 is a personal challenge that I would consider pure joy.

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